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With Love

Apr 12 2011 | BPM: 70 | Producer: Adamack
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116 Feedback

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Beautiful piano chords, strings, and relaxing melodies with an electric guitar riff that brings climax to the hook.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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116 Feedback to “With Love”

  1. Şarkı dinle , şarkı sözü :

  2. Adamack!!! look like you made this beat just for me check what I have done to it

  3. Loved this beat!
    Here’s what I’ve done to it:

  4. Amazing !

  5. I love this song! It’s my first favourite on this web site !
    You’ve got a talent! Thank you so much !!! ♥

  6. greatt

  7. With this beat

  8. uuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiii! yeah man!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. This is sweet. I used your beats for several tracks on my EP, here’s the single from the album:

  10. good

  11. tupac had killed this one, amazin dude

  12. Hey I did this a while ago, but if you like subscribe to my youtube

  13. corrected URL:

    @mspoetic, sweet!


  15. me encanto me la descargo!!! muy buena buenisima!!!

    @mc cloud, hei hui blya pishi normalno na anliyskom yazyke blya!

  16. nice beat dude keep it up!

  17. Love this beat! Hope you like what ive done!!



    One Akon fan more !

  20. =D

  21. =)

  22. i love iy


  24. Great!

  25. very good


    I love this beat Adamack. Show me some love guys if you’re feeling this.

    @tdwashingtonjr, i just love the song man you are verry good :)

    @tdwashingtonjr, damn i just heard your version…and i fucking love it…u got a beatiful voice man!

  27. I lyk dat stuff rite der dat is just raw

  28. nice nice nice

  29. very good beat. good job.

  30. this is very good i like this…

  31. soo good! i made a record for my girlfriend using the beat! i just love it!!!!…

  32. so good beat =)

  33. This is relaxing! I hope in ends up on Unchained Beats!

  34. sorry people but this beat is crap …

  35. nice beat..

  36. Nice beat man

  37. Don’t know if i did this beat any justice it is amazing! but i wrote a song for my dad
    who passed away check it out…. might just buy a license to this one

  38. I will be buying this beat at the end of today and i have questions too so i will be contacting you immediately…i been writing for years and this will be a hot single for me…call me at 678-558-8440

  39. HI! I wrote an amazing song to this track! Can you please contact me? I have some questions for you and would love for you to hear it! thank you

  40. everybody follow me @buzzookaJOE for updates and such

  41. @buzzooka your shit is nice on your website. U got a like a j cole flow kinda. Ill be checkin your shit. when yo album gunna drop??

    @leanoncodeine, good look. I’d say im about a month or two from having it done. I’ll be sure to post a free download link for shadowville dot com members.

    @buzzooka joe, just heard your track man,tight as hell.You’ve got incredible
    skills bro.If you could check out my new track i’d really apreciate it bro,peace
    and love from the UK!

    @judge g, sorry bro,i forgot the damn link to my stuff!! lol here it is:

  42. hey b! that’s what we do with your beat, was amazing hahahhaa

  43. I made a song for my Moms for Mother’s Day on this beat today… had her in tears… thanks for the DOPE beat.. I may have to cop the lease…… peep the song “One Song” (for my mama) on my soundcloud site…

    @buzzooka joe, just checked out ur track “One Song” keep that up man! i seriously think you got what it takes. you didn’t ruin the beat at all. you got that rap voice that not many people have. i wish i had it. good work! btw.. where you from?

    @msmead, Thanks man. I’m from North Carolina (Charlotte area). Check out for more of my songs, I have quite a few on Shadowville beats.

    @buzzooka joe, Hey, I loved your song “One Song” and it’s the type of song that makes me sit back and think about things that my mother has done for me and I want to say that I wish you luck in your future, and i look forward to seeing you out there.

    @buzzooka joe, i listened to your song. I am very openly honest and would never say something just to make people fee good, but your song “One Song” was amazing. very good lyrics and you have real talent too, its great to hear a song that focuses on things that other rappers really talk about. This song was definitely something alot of people could relate to. you have talent bro. you inspired me.

    @feq113, I appreciated the love bro. Keep checkin for new music and updates.. will be turning into a ‘real’ website in the coming weeks.

    @buzzooka joe, I hardly ever comment on anything on SVP, but i just have to say, you definitely have talent. A lot of rappers on here are “meh” but I could see you actually going somewhere, keep it up.

    @darimc, thanks man - that means a lot coming from somebody who doesn’t know me personally and is judging me souly on musical talent with no bias opinion. I’m actually in the process of making an album that will more than likely be 90% produced by Shadowville producers.. I’m about to start buying some leases now.

    @buzzooka joe, Be sure to post it on the forums, I’ll check it out.

  44. Yo Adamack i gotta say this beat hits alot hearts out bro…im gonna download n make something out of it!!! i will hit u up with the song as i finish it man

  45. wow thats nice and sexy………hey guys check this out and compare

  46. Check out the mother’s day music video i made with a shadowville beat.

    @prosspect, tht song is amazing!!! easily top number 1!!!! can i get a copy of tht plz!!! :)

    @k3at5, you can get it at

  47. keeonda;)


  49. *_*

  50. shit sick dude i love it

  51. check out my channel,subscribe!

  52. tro l’annnnnnn mon frere mai sinon shadowville vous faite du bon travail merci

  53. This was beyond good! :D I Love it !
    I make hip hop and R&B beats , so im just wondering Which Music - software do you use? :)


  54. nice wok man

  55. this is good(-: i like it

  56. nice beat homie :L . nice swing - keep up the good work. OneLove LA

  57. nice beat homie :L . nice swing - keep up the good work. OneLove LA

  58. havent done 3rd verse but here is what i got

  59. adamack did it again i just live your beats i made a song from one of your beats i dont know if you ever ehard it but well i hope i did it justice :) keep up the good work so far i think ur the best producer on shadowville

  60. i just love d beat.. can i use this.??? i’ll put credits. :)

  61. i think i did your beat justice

    @kiddkush35, srry but u kinda ruined the beat. not hating just my opnion

    @fl4k0, and ima buy this beat

    fuck you im black dats why you hating

    @kiddkush35, sorry dude, u Suck!

    @whitemusik, fuck u to you suck like you can doit better

  62. in my opinion ur the best producer on shadowville :D

  63. :O

    @Nine Diamond, IF he like then its a bnger



  65. This is beautiful !

  66. this trak is going global share with others

  67. You must make more beats like these :)

    Good Job (Y)

  68. First off, I love this song. It has a good climax and that’s especially because of the build of the piano; it sets the whole song up to inspire. Another way of saying that last part is it helps people remember good things in their life. That’s one thing music does, It creates feelings and memories. No critique here. Great work.

  69. Dis ba beat


  71. listen to my track of this instrumental “Your Love”!

  72. Just blessed rock the crowd ” When It Comed 2 This Music”

    @cino franklin, your song ‘cash & money’ is reli good - i like it!! :)

  73. wicked beat!!

  74. lolol no ill will to mgk but i saw his photo for the first time in months and i remembered someone’s comment “your profile pic looks like you’re just waiting for my balls to land on yoru face” and i broke out laughing for a good minute :D

  75. gonna tear this beat a new corn hole. check how this beat got brutalized

  76. hey adamack this is prophet 15,aka real name quenitra butler.i have been writing to your beats and made some good a gospel artist from austin,tx.if u want to check me out,im on youtube under TheQuenitra.look me up also under awesome female gospel rapper and i will pop right on facebook under quenitra butler,cant wait to hear from u,thanks!!!!!!!!!

    @prophet15, i wanna do a song wit u check me out

  77. may i have your beat please:$

  78. dame this is what im talking bout hommie

  79. Amazing beat, bro

  80. don’t like ((

  81. here is a new music video with a great beat, if you want I can send you the beat for free

  82. Adamack you got it! Amazing beat bro.

  83. Love what you do Bro :)… amazing

    nO words

  84. You could take this beat and go so many different ways with it. Would love to hear any songs recorded to this. Adamack, u did ya thang bro!

  85. When the song writes itself, you know it’s a stunning beat. Masterfully crafted, aptly titled and with no tags, if I could give this 6/5 I would. Potentially leasing this in the future when I get payed, brilliant.

    @youngziggy, Yeah, this is how I would describe this beat too.

  86. Keep em coming bro, I like this.

  87. DAMN RIGHT! Nice beat manG

  88. Damn!!! Make more like this love it!!

  89. This is so beautiful. Love it dawg

    This song is a big hit. I can feel like a story is being told to me. You one of the most talented developers your on this deck for sure man.

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