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Never Fall

Apr 25 2011 | BPM: 70 | Producer: Adamack
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11 Feedback

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Triumphant sounding beat with southern style elements, deep bass, and inspirational synth melodies over 808 drums.

Genres: Dirty South

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11 Feedback to “Never Fall”

  1. dude that beat is awsome really

  2. ay beat was fire man, me an a few people from germany collabed on it
    check it
    song name is under “police repression”!

  3. Just remember this is music, so the producer does wtf ever he wants to do! if it sounds like something you may have heard before…It prob might…but check ya rhymes and you will see some big an pac in ur shit too! who knows who else niggas is bitin these days! Its called influence people! Real talk, It dont matter if every mufucka in the world wears a red shirt, imma be the hottest thang in that red shirt! Success is built off that attitude so stop hating and I appreciate the hard work and talent…Bite that!

    @illred420, Btw song is fire!! haha

  4. btw ima fan of yours, just weak, u cud come better thn tht. no homo

  5. heard this, turned the radio on, and heard 5 songs with similar beats. very similar. then i played some dirty south mixtapes i bought while in Florida and heard bout 20 songs with beats that are VERY similar. in other words, enough with the stagnent hip hop. lets keep it poppin. fk whats “hot”. Dont wanna sound like erbody else(aka sell outs)

  6. Btw,the hook version is GREATER

  7. good song but i thing you could do better than this!!!!

  8. feelin this shit …check out whatelse ive done


  10. Settin new bars I see. 5/5

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