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Shut The Club Down (With Hook)

Apr 27 2011 | BPM: 67.5 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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20 Feedback

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Smooth southern track with atmospheric choirs and arpeggio synths over laid back heavy bass 808 drums. Hook by Quis.

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20 Feedback to “Shut The Club Down (With Hook)”

  1. i ate this track

  2. i like

  3. Me and my CEO would love to kill tis and make a video fresh out tha studio with you and who ever did tha hook at a club one time REALSIDE RECORDS

  4. aye this shit is nice, u a beast my boy, imma have to buy this shit

  5. hi can i have this beat without producer vocals plz tell me soon

  6. i USED 2 admire u 9.. not animo! not animo dawg!!!

  7. fuk this beat is good> gonna go write

  8. Check this verse out, comment and tell me what you think, peace out


  10. and you kill it once again. Stay Up

  11. ha

  12. if it’s a club track, why is it so sad?

    @shaheem, exactyl its bout the song wtf you guys fighting for cmon

    @shaheem, cuz its a fucking sad club beat. dont fucking diss the classification of beats on shadowville, you asshole

    @jango, ur a retard

    @jango, it’s people like you that need to stop commenting on the internet. i didn’t diss anything. i’m just saying that with a title like “shut the club down”, it should be one hyped up track. instead, its sad. that’s it. so please take your ignorant ass out of here.

    @shaheem, fuck you, go home

    @jango, why d hell r u so fucked up???
    just stay cool n have some self respect…..

    @jango, real mature bro, gonna get you far in life.


    Lmao don’t worry about that clown, clearly has the IQ of a puddle.

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