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Crack Raps

ON SALE: $199 | BPM: 120 | Producer: hala-X
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29 Feedback

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Frantic chopped up brass and string sample beat over fast paced, uptempo hip hop drums.

Moods: Frantic, Silly
Genres: Underground

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29 Feedback to “Crack Raps”

  1. Mój Diss pod tym zajebistym bitem !

  2. rozpierdol hehe. RESPECT FROM POLAND

  3. Okay, when I first heard this I KNEW I had to write something amazing to this FANTASTIC beat but it would be a challenge especially since I’m more of a piano, ballad, guitar type guy. So it wasn’t long until I came up with this lil diddly for such an amazing track.

    Hope you guys like it! And thanks again for an AMAZING beat!!

  4. Wypierdala w kosmos xD Rządzisz Halax ;p

  5. yo i wrote to this sum good shit ill hit u up wit it later

  6. well…quite a long time since a beat made wanna go nuts into wrightin some bad ass rhymes…probably your best one so far…changin lanes seems to be doing you well.keep it up!

  7. word word word… u always impress me homie. I like wachu did hear… showin some love to the all-too-neglected b-boy culture<–thas wassup!! Ima mos def have to blaze some heat on ur beats… I mean, the style/quality alone solidifies that but I see wachu doin/where ur goin on alotta these&respect it….

  8. Piękne gówno, że się tak wyrażę xD Miażdży mnie to. Jestes geniuszem ziomek. Big up!

    Shit this was acrazy instru

    @tracxmarx, i gotta fix that in the morning, wrote a whole another tracx to it.

  10. Przejebane. Wielkie propsy. Tak trzymaj!

  11. Sickkkkk ass beat maynee. Please check out my verse and let me know what you thinK?

  12. Check this verse out, comment and tell me what you think, peace out

  13. Love your underground tracks with fast tempo, moore like that!

  14. Jednym słowem miazga :) pozdo z Wlkp tak trzymać :)

  15. perfect tempo. perfect sound. awesome lyrics and hala X. your the fucking man! i just wish this song was longer. like 5 mins long. my flow is nuts to this beat! i loooove how you dont put your signature name in the gackground like every other producer in this place has done. keep it real for sho!

    I’m trying to make my sound my signature. Time will tell if it worked out.

    @hala-X, Haaa That wasup Hala! You basically do make the beat ur signiture! Ur shit be bumpin!

    @bonester, Thanks.

    @hala-X, Its working

    And aboyt lenght, I see this one as one of those mixtape, no hook, fresh flow type of beats that make you want to rewind. “Compressed hottnes” requiring another listen.

  16. Great stuff. 5/5

  17. hala is a genius..

  18. too fast for my fucking slow flow)

  19. Od razu czuć nutkę Polskich klimatów, zresztą w połowie Twoich bitów czuć, że Polak robił bit. :) Pozdro.

    Czyli zupełnie odwrotnie do moich zamierzeń ;)

  20. Thank you hala-x!!!! already wrote something and killed it!! will be recording to it soon

  21. Sick!!! Wutang!!

  22. Lung popper. 5/5

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