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Mad Scientist

May 11 2011 | BPM: 68 | Producer: Beatg33kz
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29 Feedback

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Dark, eerie but silly synth beat with heavy brass over 808 drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Silly

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29 Feedback to “Mad Scientist”

  1. I am in love wth this beat. It makes me want to be in a crunk club atmosphere! Keep doing ur thing.

  2. The Potion… Mad Scientist beat prod. by Beatgeekz..

    @loose cannon, Good looks Slant and BeatGeekz glad yall liked it

    @loose cannon, This is G’d up.

    @loose cannon, nice work

  3. already got a hook recorded to this one… just finished writing the verses… after i drop i want youngziggy to take a listen and see if he still feels the same….

    sometimes ts not the producer who are not creative, maybe its the artist who cant step out of his comfort zone and come up with lyrics to match the beat..

    alot of cats were hating on tristan then when i dropped a couple trracks on his beat they seemed to like dude.. you shouldnt always need a beat to carry you sometimes you should carry the beat.

    @loose cannon, and if the beat doesn’t carry you, there’s always autotune

    @Beatg33kz, LMAO!!!! i know right!

  4. love that signature Todd sound. brasses synths bells are dope. pretty sick beat. not my fav from you but def ill. todd always bring good stuff to the table

  5. dis beat tight bruh, its good wen u make the beat build but u shud try wut dj drama does to his beats, he restarts da beat, im just sayin u should try it n u kud try startin with bass den just let the beat build by the bass, im not judgin but dis beat is tight

  6. i banish u beast go back to da depths

    @bumblebeekilla, LOL! your name is Bumblebeekilla now with my pic.. smh.. Idiot..

  7. I like dis one …. Dirty South mafaka !!!!

  8. if the beat or beats of your were a bit quicker i could imagine tech n9ne on this crazy joints…keep it up

  9. Apologies if it sounds like hating but I can’t believe there’s a market for this :/ Compared to Adamack/Sinima/Nine Diamond and those who craft for the most part fresh sounding songs with different soundscapes- how can they share a site with someone who’s happy to drop lazy, uninspired Lex Luger clones minus the only redeeming feature of Lex’s beats, the fact they bang hard on speakers?

    As a non-producer I can’t comment on how hard it is to come up with new fresh ideas when the market out there constantly demands beats in the mould of previous smashes - but surely it must get boring NEVER switching it up?

    @youngziggy, this coming from a guy with a T-Pain avatar


    Lol yeah because that’s relevant.

    Please, you can’t dine off the same sound forever, plus Tristan does the same sound but 20 times better. Plus on top of that he drops some Dr Luke style shit to keep up the variety.

    Very few intelligent rappers are going over these sort of beats, they tend to get picked up by the very worst e.g Gucci/Wakka/Rest of Bricksquad/Rick Ross etc, why cater to the ignorant rap market instead of the real hit-makers and conscious rappers?

    @youngziggy, boi dis shit is on fire … fuck a hater…

    @youngziggy, actually seems everyone else said what I had to say first oh well

    @youngziggy, i dont look at music the same as you. I dont “discriminate” when it comes to hip hop, be it underground or mainstream. What u don’t like someone else loves, these rappers these dayz aren’t making it by accident, it’s because someone like’s the music they make.
    Look at this website, u have the people who specialize in more underground beatz (2 deep, hala x) and some more rnbish (adammack, nine diamond) and some that make u wanna break shit (tristan, beatgeekz) it all fits together nicely as theres something for everybody. don’t knock any of these producers cuz they are all doing a good job bringing us these beats.

    @respecognize, Right on point.

    @youngziggy, Beatg33kz is a dope producer, if you dont like trap shit dont heard trap shit,simply

    This is the beauty of having a site where MULTIPLE producers supply beats. Todd fills a niche, just like Adamack, Sinima, etc. fill. Adamack gives you that guitar-laden commercial shit, whereas Sinima gives you that movie soundtrack type shit, while guys like Nine Diamond give you a lotta commercial urban/R&B type cuts. Todd gives users here the option of hard-hitting Southern instrumentals because that’s the kind of beats he specializes in. Just because you don’t like his style doesn’t mean he’s a clone, it simply means that the kind of beats he makes don’t appeal to you.

    @Flowman, Co-Sign

    @youngziggy, Todd has some of the most unique melodies around and you will never find another producer using the same sounds/synths as him either. Genres and sub genres are always going to be repeated in music…

  10. Simply love it ;)

  11. The best ever…

  12. is like hustle hard ^^

  13. Welcome back, hope you enjoyed your vacation from drop’n the heat.

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