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Urban Poetry

May 16 2011 | BPM: 93 | Producer: Allrounda
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31 Feedback

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Classic hip hop beat with sliced cembalos over smooth drums and scratches by Allrounda.

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31 Feedback to “Urban Poetry”

  1. Melis GB, Paoletti AM, Cagnacci A, et al priligy premature ejaculation pills 2018 Aug; 68 69 28 43

  2. yo ! Can i use this beat ? If it possible, can you send this in my e-mail ?

  3. check my song out using this beat

  4. well here i is.

  5. nice shit

  6. oh so doppe here my musicc search t shoobz on youtube! love yur beat man!

  7. amazing, all around. I knew this was getting downloaded seconds in

  8. hip hop is dying gotta bring it back

  9. what do the scratches say?

  10. Godfather shit, fuckin love this !

  11. elo what words are there, scratching at the very beginning greet estimate for this beat

    yo real shit check me out all yo beats got my type style!! i live in Germany as of now also hit me up!!! asap let me kno wat u think!

  13. I LIKE It

    check out my channel for music!

  15. top 5 on shadowville easily… no debate… I’m looking at that exclusive license from my summer job, ppl better snatch this quick!!

  16. YO….



    You are a pioneer most def. on this site.

    Dont hear much OLD SKOOL on here bro.

    Thank you so much for bringing the skills on this one, You put some time and patience in on this work right here.

    INFACT.. Im gonna use this to Battle that HHE site, So keep yer eyes peeled for the FIRE.

    ZIP EM UP !!


  17. I’m gonna trow some sick rhymes on this…

  18. The cuts are dope man!

  19. Dope! 5/5
    But why your SC page were unavailable after u add this beat? then u deleted it from ur playlist

  20. cool beat!! :)

  21. Hell yea, I hear a story in my head when I listen to this shit. I may try writing somethin down! 10/10 good job bro

  22. allrounda killin it

  23. Killdit dope allarounda

  24. Very nice! Yeah, i have to agree those scratches fit perfectly! Very well composed beat as well.. Great shit Allrounda! 5/5

  25. Cool!! Amazing Scratches..:D very nice man

    You should make such exactly beaten,You should make such exactly beaten Hip Hop..
    Scratches It has checked first class..

  26. sctatches are amazing man !!

  27. Amazing yo….. ” all I need is one mic ”

  28. scratches are crazy sickk…good beat man


  30. the Cutz on this are dope! dope stuff! dope stuff for sures!


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