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Ghetto Twang

May 22 2011 | BPM: 76 | Producer: Slantize
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24 Feedback

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Sad, soulful country guitars with a bit of strings, bells, and hammond organ over laid back, slow riding 808 drums.

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24 Feedback to “Ghetto Twang”

  1. I done did it big You dig I Dug the rug to roll her eyes high on my favorite drug

  2. Picture of my muggery you get thuggery smile when those drugz are free

  3. how can I contact you.. your music is great

  4. I don’t even know what can I say… It’s amazing, one of the best beats i ever heard…


  6. here it is mayne get @ me, thanks

  7. I got a track to this one i’v been working on for a bit i’ll post it here the 21st

  8. i just wanted to tell you im feelin your beats…ghetto twang is really……..groovy lol….keep doing it for the love!

  9. What up with this dreamkilla shit Slant What the FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. KayR is Dreamkilla
    Smh @ you man

  11. been a while, but awesome

  12. its about time damn it lol

  13. One of the best beats on shadowville !

  14. I honestly love that hook, it gives the artist room to be more creative and complete the beat instead of the beat completing the artist if you know what I am saying lol.

  15. dope stuff, been a minute since your last post… definitely worth the wait though. 5/5

  16. sick………. just sick… slant is sick

  17. nice… keep dropping more shit than pigeon.

  18. I LOVE IT ;)

  19. Superb, prefer the verses to the hookspace but a great effort and it’s good to see you back in the fold again. Looking forward to your next beat, 4/5

  20. fuck yeah this beats amazing

  21. The verse is phenomenal but the hook is elementary and boring. I love the verse but I can’t do nothing with the hook.

  22. I love it Slant. 5/5

  23. damn this is freaking hot

  24. Diggen them Chimes or bells tingen in the melody,Definitly always worth the wait to hear a instrumental from ya 5/5

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