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Final Countdown

ON SALE: $199.99 | BPM: 120 | Producer: Adamack
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20 Feedback

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Uplifting hip hop beat with very busy percussion and double tempo drums over an epic orchestra.

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20 Feedback to “Final Countdown”

  1. Check out what i did to this.

  2. KayR is Dreamkilla smh@you

  3. i like this beat.what yall to hear this and comments

  4. the second i saw the title i was thinking, ”no way, did he sample the real song Final Countdown?!” and YOU DID haha thats dope bro, thoroughly enjoying this

  5. Dope shit Adam. Beats are timeless…if its dope, its dope. Props….


    Tha GrammarGod

  6. BPM 120 is too fast for me … try to do something like Aint no sunshine and no stopping me they re amazing !!!

    @batmen, maybe the beats is 120 BPM, but its build like a 60 BPM double time….so i dont see where’s the problem

    @batmen, you can rap slow on fast beats as well, bpm has nothing to do with it man i promise never limit yourself! now make a hit!

    @semimoto, I try to , i m training diction now … anyway i think 120 bpm its not
    hip hopi isnt it??? if i will record somethin i will put link but im rapping in polish ;p
    u cant understand but u can say how is with another things ;p its good point
    for rapping on different bpm …

  7. Yeah it is an older beat guys. Thought I’d put it on here for all of you rappers with fast flows, and just for something a little different. Don’t worry, new stuff comin soon!

  8. Is this the Same From the other site? just askin cause i wrote to it last week didnt know if you changed anything on it?

  9. i think He sampled this song before. its final countdown. i remember this from the mario commercial ha. straight up not the greatest i heard from adamack and i love adamacks beats. this is a total dud in my book. 1/5 not feeling this at all!


    Ur a puss ass bitch. I remeber this fag Equipped. He only post comments on beats. Still aint heard none of ur work

    @kew c.r.e., why are you hatin on someone giving their opinion on a beat? No one has to like every single beat that a producer may drop. Different people like different sounds so stop being a fuckin dumbass.

    @jovianremix, thank you very much fam! thats what alot of people dont understand. im not gonna like evry single beat a producer drops just because that certain producer made it! thanks man

    @kew c.r.e., your a puss wheres your shit at faggot? link me bitch. go hate. regardless if you like it or not your gonna be too much of a bitch and hate anyways.

  10. Dude i found this on iTunes as Hello Good Morning and any other cross checks i made came up as the same….please explain?????

    @usmctheguard, this isn’t the same as Hello Good Morning. You’re talkin bout diddy’s track right?

  11. damn this sounds familar, im havin the same feelin i had wen u uploaded aint no sunshine

  12. is this a re-upload? I swear I’ve heard this on here before, might just be the sample though..

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