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ON SALE: $199 | BPM: 80 | Producer: hala-X
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46 Feedback

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Smooth pad and piano with vocal chops over busy drums.

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46 Feedback to “Idle”

  1. Please check this out, I’m the first and second verse and my friend is the third


  2. the best of the best

  3. love this love this love this.. Instrumental halla style … the best style

  4. zajebisty chillout! pozdro

  5. Hala, man, i’m Russian - check the song on your beat We Never Been Hit - what do you think of it?

    @eddchekhov, Let me hear if you have more.

    @eddchekhov, Love that shit, seriously. Even tho I dont understand shit.

    @hala-X, Thanks for your opinion,
    here are 2 tracks on your beats that were recorded about 6 months ago , now my technics is better =)
    The quality is also not perfect

  6. I like the mix ups with this and the melody is simple and sweet lol that’s my feed

  7. Awsome
    can you make a version without hook? Would be unbreakable !
    You are the Best !!

  8. Seems to strait forward, its not like you can take it in many directionsthat hook just locks it in, maybe without the hook i would give this 4/5 but i gotta leave it at 3/5.. good shit tho

  9. Lyrics so there’s less confusion:
    I am strong, I am not weak
    I am not in a place where I can talk to you
    I am not hot, I am not cold
    I am not for sale, for I am sold

    - “I Am Strong” by Polly Scattergood

    @vanillax, Yup, exacly.

    @vanillax, yah thats them

  10. “I am strong, I am not weak, I’m not in a place, where I can talk to you, I am not hot, I am not cold, I am not the same, for I am salt” Pretty confusing lyrics….

  11. can i get the lyrics of the hook? thx! a very nice and quiet beat!
    i’ve been longing this kind of beat for so long. please make another type of this kind of beat.

  12. KayR is Dreamkilla

    @tracxmarx, smh @ you

  13. this beat is killer.yo what yall to check this out and comments and rate

  14. Honestly .. honestly .. i feel this ! AMAZING .. 5/5

  15. Your my favor producer lately, good stuff as always keep up

  16. Fuckin Amazing without a shadow of doubt. 5/5

  17. Nice beat, its different than your other beats hala-x, but I feel em !
    Can you post the vocall ?

    Keep up the good worrk !

  18. for the first time eever i actually don’t know how i feel about a hala-x beat….it’s like a part of me likes and other doesnt maybee just sounds way too depressing for me

    @illacist1, Co-sign

  19. whats up hala this is amazing beat you are the best

  20. its true the mix is MUDDY.. but thats ok… the inst is good… its muddy cause of obvious reason… :)…

  21. why people always gotta hate when someone gives their honest input? people aint gotta like every effing beat hala puts outs.
    @dafstylez i fully agree! this beat is idk..i like the hook vocals their sick but the drums just sound like some cheap stock FL vintage drums. beat doesnt flow together very well. not the greatest from HALA. i aint no hater i like hals stuff hes dope but this beats just kinda lame! honest opinion! 1/5

    I know this just isn’t a beat for everyone, I did get mad positive feedback on it before posting. Mostly from women and/or people who are’nt into hip hop that much. Not that i care if it did or not. I’m Hala-X, I’ll post whatever i feel like, and y’all know it ;) About the “sounding like stock FL drums”, people need to realise that FL stock drums arent bad, they’re bad for people who know they are stock Fl drums. They’re just simple, dry, synthetic, 808-ish type of drums. I used drums from my own collection, drums that work on this particular beat.

    dude withouta doubt your the best producer here. thanx for the awesome beat! EASTCOST FOREVER!

    @gethigheveryday, I’m always out for a good ego boost, thanks! ;)

    @Equipped, This the best beat has had in weeks.

    @krix, damn…..i actually went to look and in a way its kinda true..thats kinda sad haha.

    @Equipped No it isn’t, because Shadowville has been consistent with very good beats for awhile, this just happens to be the best yet.

    @krix, No way its the best haha, but with the right vocalist it could make a really neat song. Thats why its here.

    @hala-X No need for modesty.

    @hala-X, it the best 5/5 no other thoughts.

    @krix, ya thats true. this beat isnt very good and thats my opinion. i feel like the beat 2deep dropped this week was better then this. Sean divine needs to be on here again he had the cleanest mix on here. and sinima rarely drops on here. he has his soundclick / website to worry about.

  22. ignore that last person’s comment.. u got this!!… this is one of the best beats i’ve heard in a long time!… 5/5

  23. Hi hats are too loud, the mix of the drums aint all that great, weird how the verses are low pitch and then the hook is high pitch. just doesnt sound like somethin that should be on shadowville, seems like this is a below average beat from a person who just started producing

    Everything here is as I intended, it’s just different. Everything I put out should be on Shadowville.

    Anyway, I know what you mean. It’s nice to hear constructive criticism instead of “I dont liek it”. Props fam.

    @dafstylez, lol.

  24. Sick Beat! Hey Hala I made this song with your “Don’t You Know” beat

    Good stuff.

  25. sick

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