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Hollywood Dreams

May 25 2011 | BPM: 154 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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12 Feedback

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Heavy 808 laid back song with string hits, atmospheric pads, and various effects.

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12 Feedback to “Hollywood Dreams”

  1. Had a little bit of fun with it! Check it out:

  2. by the way check out my vocals and singing on my website, i am trying to produce more work but i keep running in to flakey producers… boo. you are very talented.

  3. Hey, I really like your work, do you sell your productions?

  4. like it ;)

  5. yo Nine Diamond,great beat man.My one criticism is the tags,i got nothing against producers doing it,in fact i totally understand why you do it,but there’s just too many on there.Everytime you start writing to it and really get into the flow of the beat, you get distracted cuz you hear another tag,otherwise it’s dope.

    @judge g, yea this is true this beat is dope as fuck but the tags do throw u off jus got 2 let it ride out !!

    @judge g, true

  6. PLEASE make more clubby ones! Like Fusion :D

  7. idk man, sounds like something i heard on the radio. good beat, its just not different

    3/5 great job


    @themessage, your in luck man hes all out of gum..hahahah jk man



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