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Chef Boyardee

May 27 2011 | BPM: 62 | Producer: Tristan
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22 Feedback

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Slow trap beat with arpeggio synths and heavy orchestra hits over heavy 808 drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Silly

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22 Feedback to “Chef Boyardee”

  1. Im finna start this up…an this shit right here is nasty…..nice shit.

    My version of your beat you made. Recorded in my own personal studio & then I made a lil video with a intro with comedian Jenna Marbles. Video has a lot of eye candy too!!

  3. Me and the homie buried this track

  4. Coastal Underground made a song to this beat! CHECK IT OUT!

  5. tristan u killed this one i made a song and video to it check it out bro

  6. dude your beats are fucking amazing tristan dude if u could produce me i am a rapper i could show u somm of my shit man

  7. super dope

  8. hey bro im from NZ i do a bit of producin/rappin i downloaded this and spat on it really liked it ay, if you wanna hear it check my soundcloud page thats the track link. just did a verse on that 6 foot 7 track too check me out and keep making sick beats bro your on!


  9. not something i felt i was able to rap to but it slaps forsure!!

  10. I like the voices in the background I going to take this the comedy root its on my back burner for now, I’ll let you know when I get something done. good job have a good one
    Jimmy Rock

  11. No bad but you could stand to change things up a bit. I’m not knocking you at all you have talent for sure. But all your beats sound the same. They all have similar drum lines and synths. I get your doing the whole dirty south vibe but even the southern style has different voices to it. Maybe mix it up a bit and see how it goes. It can’t hurt to try man.


  13. WHAT THE Fuck? Tristan stop making anything. Your beats are not music beats but extraterrestrial shit for shit films. How could you listen to this ? It’s horrible. We should use electronic but not too much, you are in too much.The most is that you’re losing your time doing this shit. And plus I know that you’re thinking that you are making something special, “not like the others” but it’s not special, it’s worthless. Do normal beats for normal music, take example in Nine Diamond, he’s using electronic in perfection.

  14. man you are a natural i literally cant wait to hear your next beats i just listen to them somtimes and dont even rap on them esp this one loving the bass keep it up

  15. Ahaha Ur Beats Dopee Madd Respect Dawg ‘ !

  16. I really like Tristans work ;) Respect 5/5

  17. The title alone makes this beat a 5/5

  18. eww more electronic shit

  19. Thanks guys!

  20. beat is pretty good but i came here just to comment about how good that fucking tag is man..dont change that tag thats hard

  21. That bass is knockin the shit out of my sub! Lovin’ this beat Tristan! 5/5

  22. Never thought I’d say this…… Good Job! 5/5

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