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Secret Beauty

Jun 02 2011 | BPM: 86.00 | Producer: Allrounda
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30 Feedback

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Beautiful piano theme with pizzicato and emotional strings over deep, inspiring bassline and busy hip hop drums.

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30 Feedback to “Secret Beauty”

  1. Move close to her purr… Don’t you loose sight of her fur… Eyes are hot as a blurr
    When diolated fractals

  2. supper bu


    Did you dirty AR as I’m sure you saw about a month ago, respect. Now for the rest of the community to see. Digging through more of your beats right now with some amazing ideas over top. RESPECT

  4. This beat is really catchy, the way the drums ar on the off beat. And the soft piano is a gOod contrast to the strings….Simpley Lovley

  5. AMAZING!!!

  6. I did a song to teardrops..lemme know if u want to hear it man! & I’m def. gone drop something on this one!

  7. i thinks so good

  8. i’m listening to all of the sad beats in here,,,once i see ur name,i expect to listen to something real sad,n i always do….awesome..

  9. i had this song WAAAAAY before it was on herre lol… u should put up ancient souls dude… i promise that song will sell…

    check this out awesome beats kinda searching for like this its our mixtape

  11. Dope dope dope dope beat! I truly love all of your beats and its fantastic to see a beat with a smooth no regular drums. I loved it!

  12. dope beat, i actually like a more complicated drums on this beat, i didnt atfirst but once i started writing i got a nice scheme to it!

  13. I love it :D

  14. when that drum pattern kicked in had me saying ”…fuuuuuckkkkkk…”, so dirty man very unique 5/5

  15. I agree the drums kinda set u off balance! i wxpected a smoother melody with the piano

  16. sicck!

  17. magnificent!
    how much is it?

  18. i bet some of yall rap your verse w/ a metronome playing in the headphones, the drums are fine somebody with actual flow will know what to do w/ it, not some cookie cutter shit

    @Beatg33kz, Co-Sign, real artists have metronomes BUILT IN THEIR HEAD!

  19. check this dope out bra u and make cmmts and rate

  20. WTF ? Drums are JUST FINE ! Great man ! 10/10 !

  21. what the fuck is up with the drums ?

  22. amazing! jawdropper!!!

  23. Yeah great melody but I also think the drums could have been better : it’s too complicated, you should have made it more simple cause this melody needs a simple drum. When you make a complicated drum, our attention is more on the drums than on the beauty of the melody and it’s not what we want. The drums should always sound like they are on background…

  24. Personally i think the drum pattern could have been better. Piano is on key as always.

  25. disgustingly beasty

  26. Great job on the drums.

  27. co sign slant…. matter of fact, maybe even month :D btw, that totally unpredictable drum line got me on the first. genius allrounda 10/10

  28. beautiful composition. the drum patterns def. something different, but i cant say i like it. 4/5

  29. My favorite beat of the week.

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