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Jun 03 2011 | BPM: 65.00 | Producer: Adamack
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73 Feedback

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Emotional R&B beat with a beautiful piano melody, accompanied by strings and synths over slow drums.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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73 Feedback to “Sacrifice”

  1. Whoever that owns this beat please let me buy it from you. no joke.

  2. mad beat. Heres the song i wrote for it:

  3. cant i use this beat for my songs and upload on internet?

  4. with this beat man! :D Mc Earm

  5. This is sweet. I used your beats for several tracks on my EP, here’s the single from the album:

  6. Fantastic!!!!! Gorgeous piece of music! Great job

  7. Love this beat so much…Excellent job

  8. im going to use ur song song and when i make a deal ill pay u for it


  10. Tht was a nice beat. Although im a beat producer too I cant produce my songs any way ur song made me cry.thanx

  11. yo dis reel-high i ben diggin yo shit yo whole shadowville crew iz doin thangs

  12. check out my channel ! sick shit by the way !

  13. good

  14. Hott!!!!!!!

  15. New video with the same beat.:



  17. good shitt ! look at my youtube channel !

  18. Dollar

  19. this is great …
    i have made my song from your “two hearts” beat …
    i want request more beats from you ..
    more power … thank you so much…
    by the way .. I’m from Philippines … i am a chorus/hook rapper …
    thanks … :)

  20. Check out this video from the fabsisters

  21. check out this contribution from the fabsisters


    Snypz & Sparka Ft Fizzy - Feeling Good

    @snypa123, Good job yo….That hook is so catchy…dope!

  23. Hey dude really nice beat.. Already did a verse to this.

  24. I love it.

  25. Man, i need to ask you something… This beat is damn good! But he’s only 2:50 min. Can you make it longer? Like 4 minute? Please man :D

  26. 很好听


  28. aaa esta chingon we

  29. Great beat, Start recording this week. would you like to hear it finished?

  30. Без базара))) тема минусс))


    ye…what he or she said!

    @alexspivey, without words, good minus

  31. very nice men

  32. Niice man :)

  33. во по теме минусовка базара нет! качаем быстро ее!)))

  34. i didn’t like this beat the first 2 times i listened to it…but it turned out to be fine :)

    check this out awesome beats kinda searching for like this its our mixtape

  36. Just weasom!

  37. Relly nice song man ! ;)

  38. Awesome! I love it!

  39. Man I came to this site lookin for a beat that I could sing on and my dude Adamack, delivers for me. Just like Across The Room… I’ma kill this one. Man, when I get on, You will get on, trust me. When I’m signed, I’ll sign you as my producer and pay you what you deserve, real talk.

  40. omg i made a song to this & recorded it. its so pretty

    @kazzidy, i totally would love to hear it :)

    @kazzzidy id like to hear it too

  41. cool i like it very very much!1

  42. good like

  43. Good as Sacrifice….

  44. I love the beat man! I hardly get any spontanious lyrics in my head but this beat was an exception. Awesome work, keep em comming!

  45. Yo Adamack! u need to talk Man.. I like your pro…. and we can make a deal cause i need som beat like R&B, POP, CLUB Sounds all 12 have to be good beat… THis is my E-mail Lets talk Man!…

  46. Hey Adamack you have beats romantics!!??


  48. i might have to cut some ish to this n send it to ya pawtna!

  49. Much appreciation to you all!

    @Adamack, may i have ur email bro???.. gotta show u a song i did on ur beat

    my email is

    they call me smokey.. plz interact :D thanks

  50. esta guapa la pista loko oe acer mas bases pero mas gansta jeje
    para acer algo rapidito pa mi nueva maketa un saludo

    eres un makinaa

  51. This is amazing Adamack.


  53. Hey Adamack check out this song I wrote to your beat and everyone else tell me what you think.

  54. OMG … taking it for a perfect lyrics of mine! 5/5

    @jadovksey, hey en ..can you give me your lyrics?

  55. well my beat aint as good as this but id sure appreciate it if you listen to it

    Thank you
    btw how the fuck arent you famous yet adamack, your better than most producers on the scene

  56. Adamack, if you don’t make yourself famous, then trust me, i will get you there;)

  57. This has got to be one of the best melodies i’ve heard from you

  58. fuck madafuck

  59. Thank you everyone for your feedback!! More stuff coming soon…

  60. love it its AWESOME HAHA IM A FAN FOR LIFE

  61. HAHA im offically a fan!!

  62. 5/5 amazing one ..

  63. broooooo its the most beautiful beat on this site!


  64. dawg stop it your beats are so beast your scaring me

  65. Insane man. I’m really digging this beat. It has such a bittersweet melody yet it’s uplifting at he same time. Killer ish.

  66. This is beautiful. I might use this sometime in the future. Amazing sound. You never disappoint. Wow.

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