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Meant To Be (With Hook)

Jun 04 2011 | BPM: 88.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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13 Feedback

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Motivational beat, with brass, acoustic guitars, strings and synth over bouncy, live hip hop drums. Hook by Dubbs.

Genres: Pop, Urban

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13 Feedback to “Meant To Be (With Hook)”

  1. I dont get how nobody bought this beat yet, It may not be all that crazy But with the right voice & right lyrics behind this for as catchy as the hook is this beat can become a song thats insane!

  2. This one is cool kind of reminds of some of them songs back in day like the alternative rock songs Atomic Keep making them beats they good i got one already writing from one of your beats i have been in this game so long they already calling me a legend but keep up the good work more too come from yea. SkyRecords Major Label LLC All Rights Reserved SkyRecordsMajorLabelLLC/Interscope 2011

  3. check it…………

  4. Hook:

    I just gotta get a hold of myself
    I’m fallin’ apart now
    But I know that I can make it through
    See the light inside the dark now

    From this moment on
    I’mma be strong and continue to be
    Everything that made me what me what I am now
    And everything thats gonna make me what I’m meant to be

  5. I don’t know why people are hating on the hook so much, it isn’t groundbreaking to me but still enjoyable. Keep up the good work atomic.

  6. this shit is hot, fuck those haters man do you, imma jump on it to prove its a worthy beat and hook

  7. Beat is solid, hook is poor IMO. 3/5

    @youngziggy, Wow really? How come you guys don’t like it? I personally like it, but yeah whhat do i know….loool

  8. again dude. your fucken beats sound the same. ouuuu you got a hook this time! still sucks balls dude.

  9. I love your beats but hate your hooks. That guys Dubbs has such an annoying nasally sound.

  10. so fucking bad, how can somebody listen to shit

  11. fuckin insane,just perfect and also the hook….this shit has me writing quick! great fuckin job!

    @joo broo, Thank You

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