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After Hours

Jun 08 2011 | BPM: 124.00 | Producer: Tristan
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26 Feedback

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Electro pop beat with a catchy melody, square leads, and driving synth bass with uplifting chords on the chorus.

Genres: Club, Pop

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26 Feedback to “After Hours”

  1. This song was bought by brokeNCYDE for their new album “Guilty Pleasure” thie track is called “Fly Away”

  2. *****URGENT TRISTAN*****love this this beat and was just hoping that you out of the kindness of ur heart maybe make another beat KINDA like this or very simalar but except w/slower synths please. thanks dude if u did i swear 2 god that i would buy this beat.thanks again dude ..u da man!

  3. Yo, i’m very interested in this beat. Could you send me this beat on my email? I will be thankfull.

  4. Hello I am interested in this beat, please send this beat on my email :

  5. Hello I am interested in this beat pls email me or send me your is my email

  6. Hey Tristan I Have An Amazing Song To This Beat And Was Wondering If U Could Hold Onto It So That I Could Purchase It if this intrests you please messge me about the lyrics and more details on th song

  7. I can’t see myself rapping on this, but I’d definately listen to it on the radio, with the right artist. Don’t know why I can see Ludacris doing something on this. :) I love those grimey synths coming in at 00:07, BTW.

  8. what do you use to make your beats?

    i don know, iv got de same qstion

  9. sick


  11. This is dope. Definitely get tha club movin off this!

  12. Im not trying to be a dick when I say this, But all these beats always sound the exact same as the one I heard before. I think Adamack and Sinima have the best beats on here for real. But hey dont let my one opinion discourage you, Im only one guy out of millions who probably like your beats. Later

  13. FINALLY ! This is what Im talkin about ! 5/5 MAN !

  14. This song is amazing! I love it…there’s only one thing that bothers me. That static sounding junk in the background I could live without. It’s like nails on a chalk board.

  15. he’s back!!

    @skou_26, hes gay!

    @gethigheveryday, shut yar trap biatch!

    @skou_26, learn to spell or sware properly.

    @gethigheveryday, You misspelled swear you fuckin goof.

    @budz420, lol

  16. Superb club banging/Akon style beat, not a tag every 5 secs, Tristan keepin it real 5/5 thinkin bout leasin a few Tristan banger for my tape :D

  17. Dope!

  18. i’ll give it a 5/5 b/c its one of the few beats nowadays u can rap too without a tag every other 5 seconds

    @MurrmDizz, Tried Soundclick?

  19. slapps :D

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