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For The First Time

Jun 17 2011 | BPM: 91.00 | Producer: hala-X
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60 Feedback

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Slow, emotional piano and guitar with soft vocals and synths over laid back acoustic drums.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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60 Feedback to “For The First Time”

  1. Polski rap to dobry rap ziÄ… :D

  2. CHECK OUT OUR TRACK ON THIS BEAT!!!!!! POLISH RAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Might be buying a blanket license for this one

  4. Made a song out of it now. Beaitful. Thinking of buying it

  5. its like nujabes and timbaland had a sound child and this would be the point of contact! thank you for doing what you do. You have sparked in my an ability to write i have long forgotten.

  6. This beat is beyond amazing


  8. This beat is soothing. I love it.

  9. Wow … Awesome!

  10. trax like this are truly an inspiration to artists like myself who convey REAL ISSUES thru our lyrics!

  11. this track izz too big…u should do more beatz like this one..thumbs up

  12. OMG That’s AWESOME! Good job bro

  13. check this out

  14. maaan this is awesome…big up for this !!

  15. this is so good. once again hala, you killed it. this one makes me so chill, loving the vibe on this one

  16. nice shit

  17. excuse my spelling errors, haha i was a little…tipsy. the link is actually!/pages/Flightline/115973248490828?sk=app_178091127385

  18. i make a short demos with this, love the beat. I renamed it “Rollin’ out” check it out at

  19. i have a music group and would love for you 2 make beats for us

  20. you don’t know how grateful i am for this. ive listened to so many beats so i could write rap just to vent but none like this. this is the first beat ive ever heard to actually get me choked up with the music alone. the beat tells its own story and it connects to me inparticular, im sure it does for many others as well. beautiful. keep doing what you do

  21. We r the RM2!!

  22. I just started writing and recording not to long ago. I gave up because i just wasnt feelin it anymore, Gettin stuck on songs and frustrated. This song gave me new life its been fifteen minutes and im almost done. Shits writing itself.

  23. Thank you for existing, If i didn’t have your beats to write too i would go insane. I have been a fan since the Shadowville Soundclick page and i just felt it’s necessary to tell you your an amazing producer. Much love and thanks for the inspiration.

    @multiply, Dont mention it, thats what I do.

  24. thanks hala, you do the sickest beats, better then anno domini, you have the sickest hooks or sample’s bro, i made a song for fathers day on this song, it’s tight

  25. This is one of the best i ever heard

    It take you away from earth :)

    Verry nice

  26. did a song on this beat already found it nice drop email if u wanna tek a listen

  27. Beautiful beat!! i already wrote a nice r&b song called “make it right” great job! keep them coming

    @leodeor, can u send song to wil also send u mine on the beat

  28. Alright another thing guys… this beat, ever since i started listening to it, reminds me of an old song… idk what it is but can someone please tell me… when I listen to a track i havent heard for ages, i get memories from that time.. this beat reminds me of way back.. idk but if someone knows then i would love to know!

  29. man u kill it everytime…mad props man just keep this question? do you have a soundclick page so i can up to date with your beats? or if u dont why not make one?..peace

  30. Hala, U already know it but I gotta tell ya myself, this track is soooooooooo RAW!!!!!!


    Yo Yo Sample this one Ill buy a licence!!!

  32. Yo, check out one of my verses, comment and say what you think.

  33. HOW CAN U DISLIKE THIS BEAT?… its anything BUT.. wack or bad or Okayish.. JUST DOPE

  34. This beat is no less than perfect! 10/10

  35. Damn .. I love it .. 5/5

  36. This beat is very nice i really love the parts ,but the hook ……………isnt good man

    @20clap09, I think the hook is great, do it better yourself…. (if u can)!

  37. I just wrote wrote and recorded a nice track for my graduating class to this. amazing beat man, you are definetely my favourite producer on this website. keep it up man. 5/5

    @shaheem, what’s good? would love to hear ya song. if u wanna send it, my email is: This beat is sooo cold. If anybody else put somethin to this, I’d definitely check it out so feel free to hit me.

  38. In the beginning is good but then u put in some messed up sounds and fucked up a good beat ! They start after 0:42, not good man…

    @pninja, To each his own. I did not fuck up anything, theres a difference between me fucking up and someone not liking what i did. I agree this part might seem a bit off myself, but for some strange reason i liked it enough to leave it there.

    Uh, lol.. I wrote that comment , Im at my cousins house and did not notice i was on his account when I wrote that.

    @hala-X, look man, I’m not a hater, don’t get me wrong, it’s just mine opinion, these chimes or something don’t sound right, that’s all I’m sayin’, I’m not sayin’ the beat is garbage, the beat is good

    @pninja, All good, I’m not saying you are. we’re just sharing opinions.

    @hala-X, im not an expert,im a listener,and i listen this ,and listen and listen…i wonder when ill have enought:) good job man

    @pninja, I find sometimes that when I’m listenin to a beat, I hear somethin lil n think it takes away from tha beat but things change once I start rappin to it. A lot of those small things aren’t noticeable. To me, those sounds at 0:42 accent tha track n are dope. We all got different opinions tho so that’s all good But what ain’t all good is u sayin Hala “fucked up” tha beat. That’s very disrespectful to him, tha site and to tha otha producers. If u don’t like what he did, juss mention that. Don’t say he “fucked it up” They up here givin it all they got n sharin they artwork with us. They done put out so many bangin tracks for people to use, they ain’t neva fucked nuttin up. Show me a site like this!!! Your opinions matter but that’s disrespectful bro

    @big hit buda, I’m just sayin how he can make the beat sound better, yeah it’s my opinion but I’m sure that 90% of the producers would agree with it, I just tell how I feel, can’t put mask on my face and pretend, that’s not me.

    @pninja, no offense man but iff little things like that mess up a song for you that im glad im not you other wise little things in life wouldnt be able to be appreciated i thought that part was soothing,

  39. hala-X - I remember about 6 months ago you were coming out with beats at least once a week and I didn’t really like your style much, but these days it seems like you bang out a track about every few weeks and I notice that you have put more thought into the beats and are taking your time. You have gotten my attention lately with your unique style and this beat is another example. Quality before quanity. Congrats on a great beat man. This is an emotional track dude. You are a talent in this business and thanks for using your God given talents to showcase on SV. Peace and mad props to you. 10 outa 10.

    NOT true. My workflow did not change at all, putting instrumentals together still takes the same amount of time, and I still do it as often as I always did. Its the same since we created Shadowville Productions years ago. I think what you might be hearing is experience and me always looking for some fresh approach to the same beaten up topic. No way i did “grow” as an artist in 6 months ;) Sincere thanks for the real feedback.

    @hala-X, Point taken.

  40. can someone explain to me some song ideas for this? im really feelin this shit but idk what the hook is sayin haha

    @napoliforever13, if this one doesnt inspire u, maybe find something else that does.. it screams out family to me. beautiful track hala. i wouldnt work too hard to make something fit.. it either does or it doesnt

    @napoliforever13, Here’s some song ideas for ya…u could write about ya dreams, goin thru hard times, about ya family, about a chick, do what Shaheem did n rap about his graduating class, there’s sooo much u could do wit this beat. For tha hook, u could get a singer, sample a movie quote or just talk a lil between verses. idk Whateva u feel passionate about, this is tha track As far as tha sample, it’s says whateva u want it to say. To me, it sounds like “dedicate” but it’s not that. dedicate is a 3 syllable word n this only has 2. so idk. Sometimes, lil samples don’t say anything, they’re juss a sound to accent tha track..but try this…talk for tha intro n u don’t even notice. This beat is tha business, pour ya soul out bro!

    @big hit buda, hey man thanks alot! I think i have just the right idea :) but anyways this beat is so ill!

  41. :O whoa!!!!! amazing

  42. OMG.. hala…. :O…. This is tooo much… Loved it… Hands down!!… Beautiful

    @smokey mwa, change of pace from what im used to hearing great job

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