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Cash Machine

Jun 19 2011 | BPM: 70.00 | Producer: Slantize
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27 Feedback

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Bouncy square leads, gliding bells, spooky whistles, and synth stabs with timpani hits over trap style 808 drums.

Genres: Dirty South

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27 Feedback to “Cash Machine”

  1. Slantize - your one of the best producers ive ever heard bro real talk keep it up il keep buying beats!

  2. me and my boy Mr. G Reality entered the Make A Hit V music video contest with this beat.

  3. Набор сэмплов Slantize ты не постарался!

  4. Nice beat.Not what im usually into but i like it.Anyway ive been having a problem with the forums latly that i was hoping you could help me with.Everytime i try to post to a topic or create one, i keep getting error messages saying ”no topic post entered,topic cannot be saved” or a ;;javascript;; error.I cant even send pms.This is the only place i can post.I went into my internet security and enabled javascripts and even defaulted everything and still nothing.I was posting with no problem a few months ago.Im not sure what the issue is.Any idea what it could be?

  5. i like it

  6. yo the beatz fire. keep i up man

  7. cash machine style like on youtube -> Booba - jour de paye ; ) but Nice one i like it !

  8. i really like this alot

  9. hey how are you?

  10. strait hot bro

  11. Does anyone have slantizes email address?

  12. by the way, WOW
    or even a 1000000/1000000

    keep it up ;)

  13. I always liked slantize the most out of all the producers. This has a tristan feel but I like it.

  14. adamack shut up fuck you

    @djiso, He meant it in a good way u idiot ;D

  15. Ut oh!!!! Sick!

  16. not bad actually.

  17. make more like this

  18. Dope… you should make more beats like this… whistle is sick. Kick is nice, your other drums need to hit harder though for a beat like this. 5/5

  19. 5/5 from me

  20. Slant: You can beat the super wonderful to be

  21. This site is good with you


  22. Why bro?…. why make beats like this?…. plzzzzzzz get back to the LOVELY OLD SLANT

    @smokey mwa, to test my versatility i guess… since trap beats are all the rage lately in the mainstream

    @Slantize, I understand.. u have to change according to the game :)..

    hey since u checked my review.. plz take some time to search for SMOKEY RETURN OF THE CLOWN on youtube ;)… i did that song on one of ur beats.. ull love it

  23. reminds me of a tristian or todd beat :D dope lol and this is the first time i see a beat without ratings lol >:D first to rate

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