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Jun 24 2011 | BPM: 88.00 | Producer: Allrounda
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146 Feedback

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Beautiful orchestral strings and piano over inspiring east coast drums.

Moods: Epic, Inspiring, Sad

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146 Feedback to “Consciousness”

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  52. how can ı download?

  53. najlepsza!

  54. Why not download?

  55. perfect !!

  56. The exclusive license for this beat has already been purchsed and therefore should not be available for licensing or downloading. Any individuals attempting to purchase a license while this beat is (mistakenly and temporarily) available for purchase may be in violation of shadowville’s own rules and regulations. This is a great beat though!!

  57. Petey Lee - “Consciousness (Pittsburgh State Of Mind) OFFICIAL music video, Shadowville stand up!

  58. Petey Lee - “Consciousness (Pittsburgh State Of Mind)” OFFICIAL music video, check it out :)

  59. I wanna thank you Allrounda cause youre makin the best beatz on SW no doubt man, and I made a song tribute to this very beat, check it out,

    hope you really like it man cause I have more songs with your beats

  60. This is pure dopeness Allrounda keep it coming mayne!

  61. Allrounda, i wrote my heart out to this instrumental man, check it out i hope you like it!


    look an amatuer raper

  63. VERY GOOD !


  65. Bald Eagle High Here

  66. this is what i did to that beat

  67. omg

  68. perfect !!

  69. Przyznaje się bez bicia : P mi też zdarza się wsunąć jakieś placki :D

    @patison, nie macie o czym rozmawiać? ;)

  70. This my video for the shadowville competition vote 4 me please FRG

  71. now this is epic

  72. i like it :)

  73. check it.

    @samki, what is that beat?

  74. ja też kurwa lubię placki, ale na gastro ;d xD
    wiesz jak ? ;]

  75. tyt stuff

  76. скачаю!!

  77. Every one should check out the LATIN GHETTO MIX tape VOL 1 on GetRight or DAtPiff. sm nice shadowville beats. SOMEhip hop from SAN FRAN, CA. SM Real SHt.

  78. emnm9000

  79. Big UP 2 emmmm9000 4 that track. Nice

  80. they

  81. BIG UP LATIN GHETTO 4there mix tape on Hope the use this beat

  82. placki dobre są

  83. hehe
    ja tez tu jestem
    i uwielbiam placki
    wlasnie miales je dzisiaj na obiadek :D:D:D
    polecam nutke
    bo zajebista !

  84. Nasi tu byli ;D Też lubie placki ;D Awesome beat ;P

  85. It is a good beat , peace man

  86. what program do i need to make some beats?

  87. lubie placki!

  88. Check out what I did with this beat Awsome Beat Allrounda one of my favourite beat makers on shadowville


    Amateur …

    @mateoking, shut up fucker

  89. good shitt ! look at my youtube channel !

  90. esta bacano este ritmo saludos desde ecuador gualaceo

  91. MAN I AM JUST LOVING THIS!!!! ALL ROUND BEST BEAT SO FAR!! STAY EPIC!! don’t settle for nothing else!! if you can do this…what else can you do. HARD FAN NOW!!!

  92. oh man i feel like im in japan about to go to war or go on an epic mission! loving it!

  93. me guta mucho ese beat quiero que me agas uno con ese flow

  94. Really ‘Beautiful’ orchestral strings and piano. I also like drums. 5/5


    Snypz & Sparka Ft Fizzy - Feeling Good

    @snypa123, like dat video bra keep it goin 952 217 2083 u wnt regret calln me

  96. googloe kreyzlife

  97. Perfectttttttttttttt!

  98. Check out this.. Thnx Allrounda

  99. Esse beat e do caralho…


  100. Props for the beat! Thank you Shadowville and ALL the producers for working hard and keeping the beats coming!

    Check out my flow to this. Please…tell me what you think!!! :)

    @strummin_drums, This is take 2…better-

    Thanks again!!

  101. boring …

  102. beatiful

  103. sum hip hop from africah..sadisk fingerz keep on working!

  104. , woldie

  105. Your beat is awesome allrounda…..

    from Spain whit your beat

  106. Sorry man, sounds way to close to the Eldar Scrolls IV: Oblivion main theme. Also the strings sound a bit contrived and too loopy.

  107. rlly nice allrounda
    i make hip hop songs
    and use all your beats

  108. very good man!

  109. i want you as my personnal beatmaker please reply

  110. cool beat :)

  111. if i buy a blanket liscense i can post my version to youtube and facebook right?

  112. real beat .y

  113. realy bed

    @redox-46, Are you talking about your spelling?

  114. Check It And Share
    Much Appreciated

  115. Real¡

  116. this beat needs a artist, not clowns which is basically everyone on here, an “artist”

  117. really nice

  118. Dope Track

  119. hi whats’up nigga

  120. Making song out of this one right now. good work.

  121. Why is’nt there any free beats to download anymore

  122. Peep What I Did To This………

  123. nice beat love it very much <3

  124. I wrote and recorded a song to this…you wanna check it out? I’ll send u a download link, i think its pretty decent, and so does Columbia Records.

    Kush Ent. just contacted me as well.

  125. For the people wondering what it looks like a little bit is just eminem’s hellbound, but that’s just some notes


  127. amazing

  128. DOPE !

  129. every single beat you produce is a hit man! congrats…

  130. yea yea yea….i ahve to agree….this one…is sick….i dont normally post on here but i can resist…this beat is freakin amazing…my pen hasnt stopped moving since i first heard it….good shit kid…

  131. Bro, this reminds of “The Contener” theme song. Not sayin it sounds like that but I’m talkin about tha “Epicnous” factor. It’s great like tha Contender one is. I really, really love this track!

  132. oiy

  133. what could I say more than DOPE

  134. Bro, I knew this was a hit from tha start. I heard tha strings n was like uh-oh…somethin serious bout to drop…it did n tha quality neva stopped. This is put together sooo nice. Love how it ends on tha keys too, that was sick! This is a Masterpiece!

  135. It’s no sample, I played all the instruments myself. For those who don’t believe it, purchase the tracked out version and find out ;)

    @Allrounda, nyC 1!

  136. Is this sampled? The strings sound familiar.

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