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Flip Out Pt. II

Jun 28 2011 | BPM: 77.00 | Producer: Tristan
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17 Feedback

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Fast paced, hyped up southern beat with hard gliding synths and heavy 808 drums.

Genres: Dirty South

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17 Feedback to “Flip Out Pt. II”

  1. So nice you had to do it twice

  2. When was this beat leased?

  3. this beat is AWESOME

  4. vary sweet beat …

  5. Me and my boy got on this before it was unavailable.. dope beat, wish I could have leased it. Peep the track…

  6. what kind of kicks do you use?

  7. iiiiiii loveee urrrrrr beatttttsss!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. hey wuts good, if exclusives werent availiable why cant i grab a lease on this right now?? i was jus gona get it yesterday but couldnt hit the currency exchange in time b4 they closed, damn dats wack, hit me up if can flip 1 more lease on it :

  9. itz ham

  10. crazzzzzzyyyyyyy


  12. Why aren’t exclusives available?

  13. Great comeback, great remix from the original, i was a litte worried since we havent heard from u, but u bac and cam bac strong

  14. im about to record something to this right now im bout to flip out

  15. Tristan, you are great ! Respect man. Keep doing your thing. 5/5

  16. WOW

  17. slapps!!!!

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