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Never Back Down

Jun 30 2011 | BPM: 105.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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19 Feedback

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Inspiring, orchestral beat with lots of cellos, strings, and brass over marching drums. Produced by Jb.

Genres: Pop, Urban

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19 Feedback to “Never Back Down”

  1. masterpiece. loved every minute of it.

  2. Thanks man!

  3. check it.

  4. ah dis beat is fie were u do ur beat at

  5. check this and compare


  7. yo u guys think this beat good

  8. AMAZING ONE ! 5/5

  9. this beat is a hot girl… i dont know what to say.. but shes amazing

  10. Hooo - Leee - Shiiit!!! JB, this is raw as hell. I don’t think there’s a person that can sit still and listen to this track without bobbin they head a lil. Very Inspiring. One of Shadowville’s best beats!! I bought a lease earlier today. Can’t wait to get home n BUMP IT! Much props on this bro!

    @big hit buda, Did you order trackouts also? If you did im sorry, e have some problems (can’t upload themm) so contact me -

    @big hit buda, Thank You very much for leasing it! PLS send us your song after you record something on it

  11. do you guys use that dub turbo software? I wanna know if it’s worth buying????/

  12. dawg, this is really uplifting man, fukn amazing no doubt, i love it

  13. verse 1:
    you wana know my FB status? Well its G status. n i promise im the badest that has ever stepped up in this game n when i spit up on this mic it goes nto flames its insane this lyrical phrasing coming from my brain. but this music is my novicane that eases my pain through the rain through the thunderstorm i aint worn yet but u can bet ya pretty ass your gunn be seein alot more of me . im puttin the key n the ignition, and im the wholle fuckin game. no intermission. got you tappin out submission its my mission to keep dishen to these kids who keep wishen, suttin betta would come along, a rapper now a days with some decent songs wtf is wrong with today s generation, go head keep hatin while i keep pacin, ur gunna have to face it, eventually, ull have to face me. n come to terms that im un stopable

  14. i jus wanna say…WOOOOOOWWW
    keep it up

  15. And love the use of the marching snare drum, I play snare. Great beat

    @charles10, thx

  16. Now that…is a beat

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