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This Life (With Hook)

Jul 21 2011 | BPM: 82.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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31 Feedback

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Instrumental made with live electric, acoustic, and bass guitars over smooth acoustic drums plus a bit of synths. Hook by Cryptic Wisdom.

Genres: Pop, Urban

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31 Feedback to “This Life (With Hook)”

  1. This beat is incredible. Many have said that my song done to this beat is their favourite of all my songs I have done. Here is a link for it if you are interested.

    Much love with this beat.

  2. tha hok sounds just like cryptic wisdom haha

    @lil wakko, lol yeah it does since it is Cryptic Wisdom lol

  3. so hoot beat keep it


    Hey guys, threw in my own spin on the song, hope ya like it.

    Love your music Atomic Beats :)
    p.s. any feedback is awesome

    @angelinaproto, listened to your version of this, must admit i’m impressed ever want someone to collaborate (especially on this song) let me know. im in :P

    @kingjordan, Hey i gonna do a mixtape . I need many colabo .inbox me

    Snypz & Sparka Ft Fizzy - Feeling Good

    Sometimes this life is not what you expected to be
    Gotta play your cards right gotta earn the life you need
    Thought I had it figured all out
    So Went ahead and let it all out
    What I know is mine now eating me alive

    @Askar, what i know is that its my doubt eating my alive. :)

  7. Can somebody tell me please the lyrics of the hook ?

  8. Hey could you please post the lyrics or the hook? :)

  9. BEatiful Beat…You have music in the blood

  10. Amazing skills.. Keep going with the good work :D


    steven tibbs

    @unsportsmanlike, sample of my idea for this song.

  12. how do you make these

  13. Great beat bro, not quite my style but a solid 4.5 :D
    Was hoping you were gonna stick to the newer tag and not go back to the A-A-A-A-Atomic beats one tho, plus sticking it in the hook is a bit lame :/

    Still cant complain really, shit is hot

  14. Atomic Beats DID it AGAIN ! 5/5 I like it.

    @emirhere, heh see? I told you…loool And this one is just first in a row….

    @Atomic Beats, Heh, yea, you told me ^^ This is HOT .. more HOT than ME ! ahaha .. lol .. keep doing your thing :)

    @emirhere, Thx friend

  15. i love this comments and rate

  16. latest beats

  17. your tracks are some of the hottest i have heard in my 10 year career,the hooks are killer keep bringing the hits

    @playindirty, Thank You very much!


  19. check out my website for some sick tracks

  20. dawg, ima be getting a lease for this soon beast

    @kmx210, lol thank You

  21. Great beat again Atomic. Best beat’s to go to if you hate having to sing a fucking hook for sure xD.

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