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All On The Line (With Hook)

Jul 25 2011 | BPM: 125.00 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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16 Feedback

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Epic, inspirational southern beat with brass and pads over heavy 808 drums. Hook by Quis.

Moods: Epic, Inspiring
Genres: Dirty South

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16 Feedback to “All On The Line (With Hook)”

  1. tight fam

  2. Nine….you know I fux with almost all your shit…..BUT……you sold exclusives for this MFer for two and a half stacks?! On the real, if you selling shit for that much, why you fuck’n wit Shadowville?!? We cats TRYING to get on…MCs and Producers….and most cats cant fuck with a ticket like that!! Just saying…..shit!!!….lol. Shit’s mad dope and all…but….lol. Anyway, props for the Track…and props for get’n that muhfuckah off for that much!!….lmao!!

  3. This is the sickest beat i have ever heard bro keep it up man, i wanna hear more slamin beats from you

  4. replica of kanye’s i go hard…

  5. Hayy I Gotta Bargon…

  6. it’s great but… OMG! 2500 for exclusive license?! this is probably the most expensive beat on this site : D

    @emeph prod., oh its worth it, whoever buys this can easily sell 2500 units to get their money back

  7. this is dope man

  8. sic stuff bro so im finally there 3 pc’s runningfl studio producer edition w/ all the packs , studio built 1000 watts of yahmaha goodness but i cant sing a lic lol an i cant find a program to help wit that shit if u know of anything that would help let me know

  9. What say on the hook?:D

  10. beat awsome i might go off it

  11. I am not gay but I love you for all your beats are the best that I know

  12. Beat is good, hook is nothing special. 3/5

  13. check out my song

  14. i’m feelin that hook. tha beats pretty sick too. good job.

  15. My fav producer, stay the same it’s soooo freesssshhhh !

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