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Better Days

Aug 08 2011 | BPM: 74.50 | Producer: Beatg33kz
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17 Feedback

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Sad yet uplifting pianos with bittersweet choir, strings, and synths over southern 808 drums.

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17 Feedback to “Better Days”

  1. a

  2. I found this beat JUST in time for Valentine’s Day!!! THANK YOU BEATG33KZ!! :-D

  3. good shitt ! look at my youtube channel !

  4. im in love with it, im gonna sing and rap on this track

  5. You make amazing beats!!
    Check it out!!!

  6. What key is this beat in?

  7. nice beat

  8. Hot beetz 4 raperz

  9. hey somone need to meka a dembow beat for my

  10. This sounds just like dat beat i sent u todd, wtf??? did u still my melodies

    @shadow divine, lol I Dont Think Todd Would Steal A Melody Of Yours. Send A Link And Let Me Listen To Your Version— Todd 5/5

    @tnoproductionz, y would i send anythng 2 ur goofy ass tno u nancy, so u can just bite off me 2 partner. ur beats r by far the worst ive heard on this site, ama e-slap yo crotch grinding cum guzzling no friend having ass, now step

    @shadow divine, lol If Its A Sample Its Open To Anyones Style. I Dont See Nothing Of Yours On Here. Potential Is The Key. TNO.

    @tnoproductionz, no samples, i rarely sample

  11. hey guys check out my new beat

  12. yo man ilove all ya beats nd think we shld like strt a group, ialredy have tha nme u cn jus b my beat maker nd we cn try to get noticed nd get big nd send demos out, hit me if ur intersted btw nice beat

  13. nice!

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