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In Another World

Aug 11 2011 | BPM: 88.00 | Producer: Allrounda
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67 Feedback

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Emotional pianos and singing vocals over a deep bassline and hip hop drums.

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67 Feedback to “In Another World”

  1. Can you please send this beat on my E-mail:
    I will appericiate it a lot and you make the most incredible beat! ;)

  2. Can you please send this beat on my E-mail:
    I will appericiate it a lot and you make the most incredible beat! ;)

  3. Do you can send me that beat ?
    pleaseee !

    Send me this beat on my e-mail -

    I will be really happy , please ; )

  4. please download this beat…:)

  5. send this beat please in hotmail PEACE OUT.

  6. i.m from spain these beat is FANTASTIC congratulations

  7. I dont get it,why i cant download some beats? i mean is he selling it? or what?

    @despotpro, dude ur an idiot why else do u think its gone? lol its such a great song its sold thats how much talent these guys have man

  8. seo ko download ve dc zay

  9. what is the girl singing in this hook?

    @golo89, because i bought a licence and i need to know what the girl in the hook is singing about..? greets

  10. Hello,

    I really liked this beat it´s sounds magnicifant and I would be very grateful
    if you send me the beat to my e-mail adress


  11. Butterflymouth is gunna kiilllll this beat
    definitely one of my favorites on here

  12. this beat is beautiful, whoever bought this beat, you better have used it to the fullest and killed that shit cause this is outrageous. i wanna buy it

  13. Hi, the beat is incredible, could you send me this beat to my mailbox

  14. Hello, because of the beat shadowville is not available, you may send it to this e-mail?

  15. thanks! nice beat


  16. Hello :) Plix me beat this e-mail



    @devide, Niiice song dude! how did you get the beat?:O


  18. Hello, because of the beat shadowville is not available, you may send it to this e-mail?

  19. will like to buy exclusive rights, what to do?

  20. yhh u need to make this beat available! this is the best beat on the site


  21. Please, I’m a big fan of your beats! if you could set this beat available that would be awesome and very kind of you!
    peace man! keep up the good work!

  22. Hey , allround , Listen to a moment, you would do a great favor to me if the beat was available.

    If it was not like that, I buy it you, put in contact with me.

    Rap And Peace!



  23. you are wrong!!! you know this beeat is good! just let me bump it in my car!!! gettem allround!! you are bringing it!

  24. Unavaılable please download link man.

  25. Hey, you could insert a primer on “In Another World” please

  26. yo this beat is hot check out what i came up with

    eminem song

  28. Bro, Where do you com from?
    this beat is real man. the voice, amazing dude…
    can u make more shit like this? cuz.. im havin love with this shit yow!
    the best shit in here man.
    waitin for the beat man ;)

  29. does anyone have way of sendimg me this beat? pleaseee….

  30. la base muy buena n.n y subela por que este mc quiere hacer un tema con el solo tu dame permiso

  31. can´t I atleast download to listen to it offline or whatever, I love the feeling

  32. What if I´d like to buy this? Do u only make one for one person? This is the best u´ve made and I´d love to buy it for a good price, gonna be hard to find another beating this one man..

  33. gr8 beat

  34. i needed this one.


  35. This is good piece of goood shit man !!! Awesome You are my GOD !!! AWESOME BEAT !! 5!

  36. yoo0000 dis is ahot track loving it

  37. if anybodys wonderin what song its sampled from
    btw good job mann

  38. Bushido ft. Chakuza - Mein Game, I’m a big fan too, nice work

  39. yooo, is there any way to get the lyrics for the hook?

    @eslick, You look like your in another world but i can read yo mind, how can you be so far away lyin by my side

    @charlieable, thank you very damn much lol, i thought thats what she said, wasn’t too sure and wasn’t gonna upload the track with incorrect lyrics, thanks again, God bless

  40. love it, here it comes in greek language:

  41. fking sickk!!

  42. great beat, j’aime c’est quoi le refrain?
    chorus please ^^

  43. can you give lyrics <3

  44. i like it =) this is amazing what people can do 5/5

  45. amazing beat, tho the singing could have been improved. 4.5/5 you and slantize are the best producers on this site


    @shark1220, y00 the voice lyric made da song

    @shark1220, idk man….omeone with the right talent could kill this beat lyricly

  47. what are the lyrics?

  48. Yo this is cool, but Anno Dominis version is better.

    @bluhd relahyted, Is Anno Domini’s version still up on their soundclick and for sale?

  49. damn man this is sick .. feeling it!

  50. mein game! :D couldnt figure out on which beat it reminded me, until that vocals kicked in… very similar, but still awesome work….

  51. nice… real nice

  52. great beat im feelin it

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