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I Got Next (With Hook)

Aug 12 2011 | BPM: 95.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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49 Feedback

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High energy beat with catchy live guitars and bass over acoustic drums and a bit of synths and piano. Hook and bridge by Dubbs

Genres: Pop, Urban

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49 Feedback to “I Got Next (With Hook)”

  1. dammmmnnnn please give me lyrics to the hook damnn

  2. This beat is so dope had to right to it as soon as i heard it il send you a copy after its recorded and done.

  3. m dying now gimme d lyrics

  4. lyrics to the hook plz ???

  5. nghe cu╠âng hay hay… vietnams

  6. nice.

  7. i got next then so im’a stop textin// im blessed on the ledge tryin to spread out my message// im possesed wit domestic violence stuck in my nesting/// im less then perfection wit a bad sense of direction/// im actually a master of accurrcy basltin bascwards/// i can rap backwards fastter then athletes at track meets/// im flattered to be mad at by rappers dat actually matter//// the fact dat theyactually mad at this white rapper it matters// it matters to me cuz im happy to see// hatin ass rappers dat wont battle wit me// im past all the grief from the masses of peeps// you wanna have any faction of statous then get back at me///

  8. ayo this one is nasty so ima do somethin to it!

  9. check out my version to it

  10. check out my version to it

  11. i don t understend in engkishh )))

  12. here goes a track that i dropped to this beat…

    @eddiep, cool!

    @Atomic Beats, thanx.

  13. our version. all credit to yal thanks

    @kevinminer2, Its really cool actually! Good job!

    @Atomic Beats, thanks bro at somepoint we will look through other beats and spend more time on it, great beats. that’d be cool if you checked out our other stuff we’d appreciate that. but wooord thanks man

  14. lyrics of hook?


  15. hey guys its new hot beat for yall check it out

    @bluud diamond, Why do you have a need to spam with this ish?
    I really wouldn’t care if its a good beat, i would even give you a “real” comment. But posting this ish just makes you look like the beat you posted….Lame…

    @Atomic Beats, man i aint selling no beats so dont get it twisted,im beginner just tryna get more fans,so u still have ur clients u dig lol just startied making beats 3 mths ago so lol

    @bluud diamond, Ok props for that, but you got forum(s) for it this looks like a spam, and it is

  16. Awesome job guys, lovin’ this one! Drums are just fantastic and I love the hook too.

    @dustindeider, Thank you very much!

  17. better without hook

    @flipandflap, without a hook is uploaded, just need to be approved by mods

    @Atomic Beats, how long till it is

    @flipandflap, I really don’t know… couple of days

  18. Hate the words in the hook. We got enough hate in the world for you to be using Gods name in vain. Cursing is one thing but using His name in this song ain’t right. The beat is excellent and the hook is catchy with it’s flow but the words in the hook are rediculous. You could have used some other content for the hook and gotten a much better response. Polls have shown that about 90% of people believe in God. I am offended by the hook lyrics. This is a hate crime against people who love God.


    Easily the stupidest thing I’ve read this week. 90%? 49.8% of statistics are made up on the spot bro, and I think you pulled that one out of your ass.

    I’ve already commented on the beat, which I like, not a fan of the hook but I digress, if you aren’t a fan of the lyrical content then don’t DL it, the same way I’m not because I’m not a fan of the melody. Spouting unashamed bile because some people don’t buy into the money spinner that is religion doesn’t achieve anything. Neither does this comment of course, but I’m not so self absorbed I think it will.


    @youngziggy, Never once did I mention religion. I mentioned God. I didn’t
    mention Jesus, Allah or Buddah or any other religion. You must be ignorant to
    what religion really is I guess. Also, not all churches are in it just for the
    money. In my opinion, some are but most aren’t. You must have had a bad
    experience with religion to have such a bad attitude about it. Also, check your
    stats on how many people believe in God. I was probably a little off on that
    one but if I recall a few polls about 7 years ago stated that “about” 90% of all
    humans believe in God. Not Jesus. Not Buddah. Not Allah. God.


    Perhaps I came in too strong there, I did pigeon hole you as a “tea party nutter” type just from your comment, and if there’s one thing I’m bad for it’s judging people too quickly. So I apologise for getting personal.

    However, my attitude to all religions is the same, I respect people’s right to follow and adhere to any God they wish, but I also draw the line when a religious person asks that anything that offends THEM be removed or changed. Many people are not religious and therefore can say God Damn without a second thought. I know I do as do many others without thinking. Also, to be fair I live in Scotland, where religious people are by FAR the minority. I guess we just had different upbringing bro, no hate.

    @youngziggy, No hate here either. I see your point. Peace.

  19. awesome hook and awesome beat,keep doing your thang

  20. Hook is painful to listen to, solid beat though.

    @youngziggy, The forums could use somebody like you. I’m not necessarily saying that I am or need to recruit for the forums. But your insight, well spoken manner, and respect to others is something that the forums are lacking.

    @Atomic Beats, You know I love your beats. I usually love Dubbs hooks… this hook however is awful. Just my opinion.

    @youngziggy, yeah well you have a picture of t-pain as your display, so nobody cares what you say.


    What a superb and relevant comment. In response however, T-Pain is arguably one of the best hookmen of recent times, though admittedly he’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

    Either way, I admire the warped logic of someone who gauges an avatar picture to be the guide to the relevancy of a comment.

    Of course no one is going to give a fuck about my comments, I posted my comment because I have the right to and felt like giving my opinion. I generally like Atomics’ output on here, but wasn’t a fan of this one. No need to jump on me like a spaztic kangaroo.

    @youngziggy, “Of course no one is going to give a fuck about my comments”
    Not true, you are one of the “realest” people here with respectful comments so we do give a f***: Even if comment is bad…lol

    I answered here becouse there is no way i’ll talk bout religion…lol

    @Atomic Beats,

    I appreciate that man, always cool when a producer responds to your comment.

    I do tend to be more “motivated” to comment on a beat I don’t like than one I do, but for the record I definitely do rate yall as producers, that breezy semi-poppy sound was absent on here before your arrival. A fan of your beats, just not the tags haha :P

    @youngziggy, yeah and i posted mine for the same reason. i had an opinion so i gave it. no need to jump on ME like a troll. trolololol

  21. I want it.. without hook!

    @jimthemc, without hook would be better

  22. beat is sick,hook is crazy,bridge is killer,’i can fit in a thimble what you know about me’ lol thats clever,funny and original love it keep doin your thing 5/5

  23. Terrible fucking beat. That’s the most non-hook worthy hook of all time. This might be one of the only SVP beats I’ve cut off before finishing. Damn.

    @krix, you probably just didnt listen to it right.

  24. I love how uplifting your beats are. So many different sounds, likin’ it Atomic. 5/5

    @white0pz, How is it uplifting when he says on the hook that “they need to worry about their Godd**n self?” You must be kidding or didn’t listen to the hook.

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