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This Is Goodbye

ON SALE: $199 | BPM: 78.00 | Producer: hala-X
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14 Feedback

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Soft piano sample with guitar strumming and soulful strings over slow, smooth drums.

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14 Feedback to “This Is Goodbye”

  1. man welceom back in da mafucken underground land bro happy for ur back bra

  2. The hook says:
    “So this is goodbye, I see you silently rolling (I think its ‘rolling’, not 100% sure on that) away. The desolete sky, threating rain..”

  3. This beat is ridiculous, can anyone tell me what the sample on the hook say

  4. very good beat with good flow and a good video

  5. Hats off homie..

  6. Hats of homie..

  7. good shitt ! look at my youtube channel !

  8. sample is a bit similar to Flickering Lights

    @eddchekhov, Now when you said that… yeah it sounds a bit like FL. It’s a different sample though.

  9. Dope

  10. Dig this feel, chill laid back feel. You should try making some middle eastern inspired beats man. This shit is dope, keep it up, great as always. One of the last real producers left on Shadowville. props

  11. *cries* beautiful!!!!! as always Hala, I love the samples on this, DAM! ur beats are amazing

    @dizzy c, Thanks homie.

    @dizzy c, - Ditto

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