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Sep 01 2011 | BPM: 91.00 | Producer: 2Deep
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12 Feedback

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Mysterious strumming guitars with piano hits and violin on the hook over grimey underground drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Relaxed

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12 Feedback to “Resurrection”

  1. why it always say 2 deep in every song. I can understand in the begining but dont run that shit.

  2. this is fuckin sick. perfect for a grimy tip. and i love what you did with the kick drum panning to the right. dope

  3. this shit is the shit and dope guitar man keep it up

  4. awesome beat!!!

  5. very good beat with good flow and a good video

  6. dope beat bruh, I only think it’s time for you to change your drum patterns man, just something complete different, cause in almost every beat you’ve got for example the open hihat at the same place, always sounding the same, you know.
    don’t consider this hate, but constructive criticism. the beat is dope

  7. good shitt ! look at my youtube channel !

  8. man fuck you putting “2deep” every 20 seconds, ruin every chance of using this on a mixtape, douche faggot

    @drunkandhigh247, God forbid anybody tries to make any money…

    Besides, your mixtapes probably crap if you’re not even smart enough to realize that. Tags won’t ruin it that much.

    @drunkandhigh247, Its not a free beat homie hes trying to make a dollar like everybody else. Take it for what it is and kill the shit or buy it and get them taken off.

  9. This beat took me to another level. Dope!!!

  10. Dope

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