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Star Bright

Sep 03 2011 | BPM: 67.00 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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18 Feedback

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Deep, ambient R&B track with light strings gated pad, pianos, and an emotional vibe over smooth percussion and drums.

Genres: R&B, Urban

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18 Feedback to “Star Bright”

  1. Lovley beat, its very pretty.But the base line is a really cOol contrast to to the starie sounds.

  2. How can I purchase a license to this beat, without the tags? I love this beat but I hate the talking in it, it’s annoying.

  3. wish it went a little longer:(

  4. I love this beat..:)

  5. Yo man do any of you guys read this? Ive called for two days, left voice mails and whatever…no answer. I have a beat i payed for, sound tags still in them! If I dont get a call back today, or a clean copy without tags, Im seriously gonna have to use other matters that will take care of this! THANKS!


    hey bro did you ever get an answer to your question cuz i got the same issue.

    @skript3r, no man! Ive even wrote to the guy that made this beat twice! If i dont get anything my Tuesday my guys and I are probably gonna take it to court on this website and producer…Ive wrote called and everything else…I know how to…still have all papers, and documents for this track….


    well i called shadowville and talk to some guy, he said he will contact nine diamond and have him re download the WAV. file and shadowville will send it to me. that was Saturday. They are closed on Sundays so… i guess I’ll wait till tommorow and contact them again. I’ll keep you posted if you want. Later bro. hope it don’t come to lawsuites.

    @skript3r, dude that would be awesome, and im still yet to hear anything…you sing good man? we should hit eachother up…see what we both can do…If you happen to be able to talk to them or they call you will you please have them call me as well? you can text me or call if you wanna see whats good…i dont care if i put it here, here my number 808-681-9956…thanks a lot fam!

    @tico_69, ah dont forget to hit me up if u need

    @tico_69, holey shit dude, ater 35 mnnutes of non stop calling i got them! but ya, he said hell send me the link in like 5 minutes…so good luck and take care…

    All right bro I got ahold of shadowville and they sent me a link to download the tracck without the tags so i would have it now and they said they will put it on the website but that would take a lil longer. so click on the contact us call the toll free number they are quick to answer even if it says all operators are busy, i think i got ahold of one of them in less then a min. both times. the dude is really cool he’ll email you a link in like 10 min.

  6. ya i payed for it, and cant get the music without your little code and nine diamonds out of it! WTF!!!??? kinda rip off is this?

    @tico_69, oh and i have the comfirmation code and licence!!

  7. Nine, this is Sick. Kept playin in my head long after I turned it off

  8. SICK BEAT DUDE!!!!!!!!!!! MELODIES COMING TO ME :D :D :D :D :D :D :D: D

  9. best r&b beat on this site!

  10. this beat is helluh sexy i love it lol 5/5

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