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You're Amazing

Sep 03 2011 | BPM: 87.50 | Producer: Adamack
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37 Feedback

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R&B beat with romantic piano melodies, inspirational strings, catchy synths, and a club vibe with a bridge breakdown.

Genres: Club, Pop, R&B, Urban

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37 Feedback to “You're Amazing”

  1. i honestly feel ive made the best song to this track

  2. Here is the rough draft video to the song that was made to this beat! Amazing track Adamack, look forward to future business with you!!

  3. fuck you

  4. MY homie and my crew had\s a song on that beat it calls since you gone , i wil post it here soon . it’s better than those i heard , i was thinking of buying this beat but it seems i wont now , since somebody bought it .

  5. Hello. This beat is super nice and I had purchased with separate tracks for my group. But we have a problem with the archive (. Zip), it is broken. Can you
    put the right archive so that we can achieve a good mix please. Thank you in advance! peace.

  6. adamack this beat go hard and finally sumone ( me ) put good use to it check it out bro


  8. hay lắm à nha……Nice beat <3

  9. woh!!! he just kills me on err beat. Adamack,,magic fingers

  10. i love your beats!! <3 <3 <3 <3


    Check Out The Track I Did To This Beat (:

  12. diz beat makes me want 2 keep pushin foward n neva stop

  13. NIce!

  14. Very nice !! Adamack u got facebook ? ‘ :)

    I like that beat” so I might buy it ” first I need to talk to my manager ”

  15. we need some more beats like this. this one is crazy i just made a song on it called ever since you gone. btw follow me on twitter@BLANCGONAVE #TEAMFOLLOWBACK

  16. Awesome!

  17. this is okay but top rated..? wtf..

  18. seriously thinking about making a music video to this….got everything ready!!!

  19. nice beat

  20. Man I have heard a lot of music in my life, But there is nothing like the unique sound of Adamack, Man keep doing what you doing and you will go down in history as one of the greatest.
    thanks, RAD Money

  21. Thanks all!

  22. this is a phreash as beat

  23. tight beat make me wana cry

  24. how do i make a beat?

  25. Amazing beat for sure, you always got them sentimental bangers on point.

  26. it sounds like listen to my heart at the beginning but it isn’t and it’s so freeessshh !
    Stay the same…

  27. thats someone elses beat

  28. Straight FI- YAH!!! This is serious in so many ways..tha synths, tha breakdown, tha whole overall track. This is a HIT!!! 10/5.

  29. I can def hear this on the radio, very uplifting. 6/5


  30. man how do i buy this beat am just new to this shadowville stuff and plis holla at me thanks

  31. greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt man i love your beat ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:************

  32. very good beat with good flow and a good video !

  33. very good beat with good flow and a good videoo

  34. very good beat with good flow and a good video

  35. short ??

  36. Sick as hell. Reminds me a bit of the beat for Iyaz’s Replay only grown up.

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