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I Live To Let You Shine

Sep 05 2011 | BPM: 72.00 | Producer: hala-X
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40 Feedback

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Smooth and relaxing acoustic guitar and vocal samples over laid back drums.

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40 Feedback to “I Live To Let You Shine”

  1. Please send me this beat on please p;ease please please, I love it!

  2. watch this !!!

  3. can someone please email me this beat? PLEASE!

  4. wooow super)))

  5. this beat is CRAZY.. can somebody PLEASE email this beat to me..

    would very appreciate it

    @mb_22, as soon as u get it lemme know this beat is great

  6. Can someone email me this beat

  7. Honestly, I think it’d be a shame to rhyme over this, LoL, it’s so beautiful & speaks volumes by itself.

  8. Love this beat!


  9. damnn i love this beat but cant download wussup were can i get it at?

  10. this track is unavaliable, where can i download ? or buy ?

  11. I should have re- worded what I said earlier I do apologize for that. I was basically asking if you would work with me. And to that asshole that felt like he had to express the first amendment I do accept your opinion, but do you actually think I would make a great song, and put it on youtube? what fucking sense does that make? So someone could take my lyrics. And your Dick riding by the way bro. This Comment was for Hala not some obsessed fan. Rap artist need producers to make it. I do this for fun. But since you want to bag where is your music at? I’m curious?

  12. can someone dat already has dis beat send it to me i wanna do somethin wit it, will be much appreciated.

  13. Beautiful. I hate to sound redundant when this is all everyones saying but oh well

  14. Love this beat man. Just the style I wanted…

  15. killer track you murder front page doggy my opinion

  16. I have made a track to this! Hala-X, I would love to know how you feel about this:

    @haez, i heard tha song it was great you took tha beat to a new level keep it up

  17. yo this beat is tight Hala, keep em comin.. for hottest $20 leases!

  18. seriously i can’t even begin to describe how classic this is. seriously i love how this is a breath of fresh air after having my head kicked in by bass heavy ‘dirty south’ beats or blaring ‘techno/club’ beats. and the interpertations of the chorus are endless. can’t say enough good things about this composition; its too good to be considered a ‘beat’.

  19. If you be my star
    I’ll be your sky
    you can hide underneath me and come out at night
    when I turn jet black and you show off your light
    I live to let you shine
    I live to let you shine

  20. oooooooooh, man, it’s aaaamazing :)

  21. I am pretty sure out of all beats, anno domini and all of them, this is the best i have ever heard.

  22. think this beat sound kind of my style check it

  23. Hala always gives them goosebumps through music!!

  24. ‎”when dreams speak you wisdom does god play incision is this all inception or just a conseption an abstract idea used to stress self reflection”

  25. best best best best best best best ever !!!

  26. Fantastic sample, eerie in a breathtaking kind of way. Great beat Hala, 9/10

  27. Aint gonna lie that was amazing.

  28. Wish there were more changes in the guitar melody and not just these 2 bars … but alltogether its a great, relaxing beat .. the mix sounds well .. and .. imao .. it wasnt absolutely his intention to let the drums bang

    @breathtaker, Everything is as intended, as always. Thats just the way i like my music to sound, which may be off to someone. If I could, I’d let the simple 2 bar loop go on for 4 minutes and then end the beat haha.

    @hala-X, Thats what I’m saying.
    No doubt, you have your very own Style, I’m digging it.
    haha ahm yeah .. and i just noticed how this beat is ending .. haha your are craxy :D just cut and finish :D

    @breathtaker, crazy*

    @breathtaker, Well, I always do that, fadeouts are up to artists using the beats. Easier for everyone.

    @hala-X, Good point.

  29. awesome job

  30. I just learned this song, haha.

  31. bass seems to drown out the drums immensely. drums themeselve are low and unappealing though. beats ok. 2/5

  32. Absolutely beautiful.

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