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You're An Alien

Sep 06 2011 | BPM: 62.50 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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11 Feedback

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Deep arpeggio synths, choirs, and fast hats over heavy 808 drums.

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11 Feedback to “You're An Alien”

  1. check out this crazy ass music video I did to this song!!!

  2. hey I’ve been trying to get in contact with Shadowville for weeks now, I ordered this beat as well as the beat track outs but I haven’t received the track outs yet, its been over 2 months and no one will return my calls or emails. I don’t want to have to blow up the public comments and forum but I dont know how else to reach you. Please deliver this beat tracked out ASAP to my account. I have an amazing song to it and need the track outs to finish the mix/master.


  3. So inspiring…love it. For some reason I wrote lyrics about seeing a person you love addicted to drugs…only I guess you would have to read between the lines to get that meaning. I’ll post it when I’m finished. Thanks for this beat!

  4. Wrote a KILLER Pop track to this…will be on soon and will be in your video contest! Xo Stephanie I love ur beats!!!

  5. Dope,dope,dope beat. not feelin tha hook at all but dope, beat. It’s bangin

  6. Illegal aliens

  7. best best best best best best :D chek it up

  8. opps lol any way here it is so hit me up an drop a comment i need to re record imma do me for the free online mixtape u gotts link for it with the hook

  9. hey g what happend to imma do me with the hook an i dropped to the new beatgeeks song

  10. thats fucked i just saw cowboys and aliens like 10mins ago. Dirty beat

  11. you killed it bro, this shit is hoooooooooooooooooot! 10/10

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