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How I Live (With Hook)

Sep 07 2011 | BPM: 100.00 | Producer: Don Coda
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27 Feedback

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Musical track with soulful pianos, strings, organs, brass, and light choirs over upbeat drums. Live electric guitar by Cloak. Hook by Marka.

Genres: Pop, Urban, West Coast

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27 Feedback to “How I Live (With Hook)”

  1. like dude, mad music, mad repsect, but the whole “make your hit song today”shit its really getting old. people are trying to promote, and by them doing so they are bringing people to you. I’m trying to promote for myself and atomic beats and that’s working out great. tagging your music is one thing, but spamming is another. great music, but the second parts going over board and ruins peoples stuff, which is prolly your intention. and that’s just my opinion, like it matters.

  2. hook lyrics please! ^^

  3. gj, hope you upload version without hook, i give 4/5 for this one

    @night-master, just uploaded it bro!

  4. man i usually dnt like chourus cuz i make my own but dis shyt go hard bro ..much loveto dis beat bruh

  5. u got the melodys for masterpieces but the drums are always weak, they dont really pound, low and dont really mix well

  6. hey everybody!! thanks for the love!! def going to put up all my beats without hooks too just didnt have time that day. look for that soon.

    @Don Coda, Good Beat man, wait for it without hook ))

    @eddchekhov, just added it fam!

  7. sick, i like it. i like tha hook too. but yeah, u should make 2 versions like diamond does. that way every1 is happy.

    @mik e j, just made it!

  8. wow du you want the beat from this link ? then write me an email on youtube :D its the best beat :D

    @gpaul, Somone should ban this guy for spamming.

    He’s posting this on every beat..

  9. Dude beat is dope!!! But really, you gotta cut out the chorus man! Its even better without that crappy chorus!

    @aminam018, just uploaded the non hook version bro

    @Don Coda, yeaaah!!! That’s what I’m talkin about! 5/5!!!


    @pac94, just uploaded it fam!

  11. yeaaah but we need a version without hook please

    @dipok, just uploaded it fam!

  12. yeah dude you need to make it with out the hook

    @haze12, just uploaded it!

  13. Fucking Dope beat

  14. aye, this beat is sweet as hell…but can u plz cut the chorus out plz??!!

    @bozzd313, just uploaded the non hook version fam!


    ^^similar? hmm

    @Equipped, same progression but don did it way cleaner. those keyboards , amazing sounds, wish i had a dope setup

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