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Sep 10 2011 | BPM: 91.00 | Producer: Allrounda
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17 Feedback

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Musette theme combined with oriental strings, light pianos, and a mute guitar over laid back west coast drums.

Genres: Club, West Coast

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17 Feedback to “Fiesta”

  1. cool!

  2. damn i wanted to kill this beat but i cant get it

  3. check out My spanish freestyle with this beat!/video/video.php?v=242783345773590

  4. this beat ROCKS!!!! :)

  5. Verse: 1
    Ye I know
    You don’t need me anymore
    I don’t need you anymore
    May be this is life time
    You can’t lie me this time
    I can be like upset
    Why you doing this nuts
    Never tell me what to do
    I know pregnant doges like you boo
    This of course life time
    It means f**ken my time
    You don’t know me so much
    You don’t like me so much
    Why you pregnant doges lie to me
    Tell me true and trust to me
    I know you don’t believe me
    Even you don’t trust me
    I have just a one way
    Going straight doing pray
    Our date was long
    Why you doing so wrong
    Tell me what you want from me
    I’ll give you anything
    Of course if you ask me

  6. Poxoj na “Lezginka “

    @zafarbek, da brat, ya soqlasen. vabshe to kafkasskiy stil :)

    persian rap

  8. Allrounda Bangs the shit outta the speaker

  9. i do have a question.
    If I buy one of these beats with 39$, can I modify it? I mean, can i make the beat a little more longer or shorter?

    @vlad21, Yes you can modify it as long as it still sounds like the original beat, so length revisions would not be a problem.

    @Slantize, thx man. perfect. :D

  10. nice man likin the vibe

  11. Always loving them West Coast Beats

  12. haha that beat slaps brotha i just got a new surround sound like a few weeks ago.. i kinda make my own beats but they suck lol but hey gotta start somewhere… im just limited with sounds :/… btw im feelin this beat nice one

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