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Gone Over You (With Hook)

Sep 14 2011 | BPM: 84.00 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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16 Feedback

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New school, smooth R&B track with heavy 808s with stacked synths, atmospheric pads, and a funky lead. Hook by Quis.

Genres: R&B, Urban

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16 Feedback to “Gone Over You (With Hook)”

  1. i bought the blanket to this and the hook was not on it

  2. ahy bro love the track and i’m about to record a couple of versus to it bro

  3. check out my channel !

  4. what the hook say?

  5. nice traclk im getting there really soon

  6. dope track fam!

    @Don Coda, thanks bruhda

  7. Don’t mean to sound rude or anything, but does Neil Diamond do anything BUT bitch tracks? He has a-lot of talent yet wastes it all on the same subjects. I would like to hear some more raw tracks from him.

    @jo5er, Neil Diamond is a legend, he do what HE WANTTT

    @Nine Diamond, hahahaha ”Neil” Diamond :D you owned him ^^

    @Nine Diamond, your a fool

    @Nine Diamond, hahaha

  8. Tha track is good but not feelin tha hook. If he’s over tha chick, why he singin bout her? Don’t waste a breath on that b**ch othawise he ain’t ova her, lol. “So gone but still can’t leave u alone”, it’s contradictive. I don’t see this as something that would be played more than twice. Not speakin musically cuz tha track is nice but songwise. Now….some of your other tracks like “Speechless” are hits. I can see people wanting to hear those songs over n over. I ain’t knockin ya J, it’s juss some constructive criticism. I think u’re raw as hell, make them joints that gon bump 10 yrs from now, u got em.

    @big hit buda, I think ‘gone’ is as in ‘mind is gone’ or ‘gone crazy’

    @Slantize, Sweet, wasn’t even thinkin about that, lol. Well yeah, that changes
    everythang I said, lol, Thx bro

    @big hit buda, i pooped the bed ha ha ha ha

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