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Just Look At Me Now

Sep 15 2011 | BPM: 91.00 | Producer: 2Deep
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9 Feedback

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Smooth, soulful beat with cut vocal samples over and an atmospheric vibe laid back drums.

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9 Feedback to “Just Look At Me Now”

  1. watch this !!!

  2. hi. have someone this beat on hard drive? please, it’s very important, i must have it : (

  3. Hot, i could write to that.

  4. check out my channel !

  5. Respect !!!!! Amazing beat ..

  6. much respect man but all the new beats lookin ugly with the tags man really u lose ur listeners and try to bring back ur first work with the hard underground laid pack shit hell on earth and deja vu best wises bra

    @sirmahmoud, Thanks for the respect… but look at it like this. Why would I go back to somthing ive done a million times before? Im trying to stay myself, but keep moving and improve.
    And with the tags: Imagin you write a song, and people just take your lyrics, use it, and dont even credit you for it… messed up huh? So if anybody wants the untagged version they can cop a lease for it, and they will get it untagged.
    Just wanted to kinda set that straight so you can understand where im commin from.

    @2Deep, ur beats say ur name man ur knowin now in the underground life with ur tools and how u making beats but the tagz will be enough once ot twice like that u have ur credit on the beats for the underground mceez and i think u didn’t the underground shit that much kinda hell on earth and deja vu they r the only beats u did it by this strong
    and i know what u talking about and much respect and best wishes hope u be the illest producer on the earth am supporting u from ur begaining and u stared so strong so u will never fall brotha much luv

  7. nice one ,

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