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Imma Get My Piece

Sep 18 2011 | BPM: 82.00 | Producer: Don Coda
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8 Feedback

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Emotional beat with inspirational acoustic guitars and bassline.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban, West Coast

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8 Feedback to “Imma Get My Piece”

  1. dope beat man i flipped the expected style n made it a rugged, hectic diss track, kanye west in the hook, hope you dig it (im australian hence the accent haha)

  2. OMG!!!

  3. Ill buy this :)

  4. Kronik commin atcha. i love the beat man was smooth clean and has very nice drops….. was my first rap to SVP so i hope u enjoy it. giving you a few verses… if u wanna hear more let me know. hit me up with some feedback

    (024) so is this a eternity?or am i dreaming? im getting so scared cause my nightmares keep on creeping i try to keep them out but angels cant beat demons, cause demons are the only thing that we believe in (uh) we all hope for a better day, a better day…but ur tied up with you shit. u let dreams get away. we all live for tomorrow, but why not today. are we not our own or are we seen as slaves?

    most work until the day they die supporting friends and families but aren’t enjoying life. isnt that a remedy that’ll put you to sleep, io hope this is a verse forever will you keep.

  5. whats the price to buy for exclusive contract.Its not listed

  6. I love bassline here <3

  7. amazing … good work man

  8. This is a phatty ass beat right here

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