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As One

Sep 21 2011 | BPM: 88.50 | Producer: Adamack
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71 Feedback

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Contemporary rock pop beat with acoustic guitar, deep piano, soft strings over live drums. Bridge/breakdown and guitar solo in final hook.

Genres: Pop, Urban

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71 Feedback to “As One”

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  26. how can you put a rap on this? just askin… Cool beat!!!!!

  27. Hello,
    may i use your music for a video on Youtube?
    I’m from Holland and i wrote dutch lyrics on the melody.
    If you say that i can’t use it, may i use the music for party’s?


    like pleaseeeee

  29. adamack, man this beat is amazing. I wanna buy exclusive licence. contact me.

  30. *sigh*…i just need to say again how awesome this beat is…to me it sounds like watching the sun shine through the rain…so gorgeous…

  31. Beats like these that inspire songs like what I just wrote on it keep me going when nothing else does. Amazing work Adamack! I wouldn’t expect any less from you but still…truly wonderful…feeling pretty awestruck right now.

  32. awesome instrumental, man. Respect your works highly. Very talented )
    already write a song on it )) 4 hours and that’s it. Great job!

  33. Thanks all!!

    @Adamack, tell me,please, what type of license should I buy to have rights to submit my song to songwriter competition ?

    @Adamack plz colab. with me lol i m jocking i love ur beats

  34. Admack u are the best it maks me crazy men!!!!!!!

  35. that was amaizing really really was

  36. Very beautiful, yet demanding at the same time. Love this beat.

  37. love it so gonna buy it

  38. i have to say … after going through these beats all morning .. you (in my opinion) are the best producer i have come across on here !! ,,, all of you acoustic tracks bang super hard!! good work man !!

    @kasualty, Thank you for your kind words!

  39. It’s so weird, I really feel this. I even flipped my style for this!
    Adamack, you are what comes after ‘good-better-best’.

    Gonna kill this and get back to ya!

    @veerecords, Thank you!!


  40. I like it, good song


  41. i like it ima gonna buy u this one i don’t much money rite now but i will gr8 job..

  42. WOW . Simply amazing. best beat ive heard on SVP in months!


  43. This is incredible! I find myslef rather speechless, amazing

  44. Wow .. Good work man! Never heard a pop beat like this .. amazing!

  45. my favorite beat producer on here man 5/5 bruh keep it up….love this style

  46. Awesome!!! 5/5


  47. my favorite beat of the week.

    @Slantize, Honored!

  48. Dope track man.. love this feel. #salute

    @Don Coda,

  49. good to see another Adamack beat, been wondering where you went

  50. Been looking for something like this to change up my style with. So sick man, keep at it!! I’ve been coming to Shadowville for beats since the Soundclick days and I’m glad Slantize got you on here. Respect

  51. Great beat ! 5/5

  52. Love this.. very epic and uplifting.. no one on this whole god damn website can make anything as close as to how good this shit is.. stay up bro keep doing what ya doing… you killing it…


    @lilrob_2112 Thanks, much appreciated and more to come

  53. Still the best on here bro, you craft songs as opposed to generic beats. Love it, 5/5.

  54. Thank you guys so much! I really, really appreciate the kind words.


    @Adamack, your beats are so nice. Im gonna use one in the music video contest …KEEP POSTING MORE!!


  55. Oh, one more thing:

    While all the other ones here just make beats, you make music.

    They’re good, but you’re two levels above them.

  56. U goin’ to jail for murdering this track. I love it. U killed it. Intro, verse, hook chorus and extro; this beat has it all. Def. one of the best I’ve ever heard on SV and I been on this site for about two years now. Adamack is the man. Mad props.

  57. Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

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