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That's Hood

Sep 22 2011 | BPM: 88.00 | Producer: hala-X
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17 Feedback

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Uptempo, hyped up electric guitar and brass instruments over underground drums.

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17 Feedback to “That's Hood”

  1. All above told the truth. Let’s discuss this question.

  2. dammit, im too late to buy it smh

    Made a song out of this beat feat. Trauma & Wido Prince…. Enjoy!!! Holla Maathoven

  4. AWWW YEAH! I LOVE this dude! Nice mix with King Crimson. hey I was wondering how I can message you brotha. You are my fav. producer on this site, and I wanted to talk to you bout somethin. Anyways, keep pumpin this shit! PEACE

  5. holly shit bro! this is straight beast right here! reminds me of the original mighty morphin power rangers theme song! you put in work mang!


  7. Now, that’s hood!!! Hala you are a beast!

  8. Yes!

  9. hala please continue to drop shit like this …or atleast drop another joint like this ASAP!!!! ….. u got another page other then shadowville? id love to have u as a producer

    @ceorizeinc, Nah, I stick to my crew since day one and this is the only place where you can find my beats.


    Thats wats up, I fuckin love that. He’s no beat slut. Makes me love ur beats a lil more. and this site.

  10. tuff love the energy

  11. Gritty, grimey, gangsta! Very explosive and dynamic throughout tha whole track. I like how u threw in tha “whats” in there too. This is a rare gem in this day and age. Listened to it twice in a row and had my head bobbin tha whole time.

    @big hit buda, Thanks homie, good to know im still on the right track.

  12. where is ur old work goin man .. the beats like midnight & flatline & original sin u was the king in this time man , i don’t know why u stop making shit like this the dark underground shitz . u have a special mind in the music man but u have to keep it real underground bro

    @sirmahmoud, Well, just check my latest one “In The Puddle Of Blood”. The underground shit still here. Just took a vacation.

  13. Now THIS!!! is what im talkin about, sounds like something I would wreck

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