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Rise Up

Sep 26 2011 | BPM: 94.00 | Producer: Allrounda
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19 Feedback

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Underground beat with chopped guitars and strings over straight hip hop drums.

Moods: Epic, Inspiring

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19 Feedback to “Rise Up”

  1. HI ! I want to use your beat for a job. I will put on your name at the video. Thanks!

  2. What do I have to do to use this beat? :)


  4. żal mi was, robicie 5 piosenek pod jeden podkład, porażka… / Shame on you, you made 5 songs on one soundtrack, what a losers …

  5. İndrme lnki atarmısınız arkadaşlar



  8. The Best ever! Respect from Poland


    I put a verse on it. Beat is sick


    let me use this verse on my demo ?! Ill just bounce on sec verse


    lol you can’t write own verse ??… What a Amateur …

    @mateoking, what the fuck r u talking about :/ …

    @zeleni, go ahead just lemme know so i can bump it

    @sevensky, np …

    theres my tub chanel… ;) … u can write there

    @sevensky, I can upload the whole beat! it does cut off shortly after the verse


    @mateoking, >>>


    żal mi cie gościu

  10. firsties! All round beats!!! everyday all day!!

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