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Oct 01 2011 | BPM: 120.00 | Producer: Smoke
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32 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Dark atmosphere with epic choirs, distorted guitars, and frantic pianos over busy percussion and driving drums.

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32 Feedback to “Deathblow”

  1. I wanna hear this.

  2. did anyone download this beat before it became unavailable? if so, can you please send it to me

  3. very interesting & unusual

  4. Damn Maaaannn!!! Epic SHIT! the best beat eva. PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  5. I Love stuff like this I’m new to all this but will be contacting you. If I can.

  6. ***** Thank you, I would love to see more instrumentals like this.

  7. i dont know who you are smoke but sick beat its gonna be in my contest entry…hope ya like it my song is gonna be way better than my vid cuz all i got is an ipod to film it on so hope ya like the song anyway.

  8. fuckin love this beat

  9. this is really tight

  10. thats the shit

  11. as i said before, dude dissapears and all of a sudden, BOOM! which brings me to the next conclusion, like you smoke just because of the fact that you are not flooding the site with 5000 beats a week in which case half of them would be average… you kick in once a month with a complete banger! 10/10

  12. Thanks for the feedback glad you guys like it

  13. had to log in for this! This is the best beat on shadowville ever put out by anyone.. I thought this motha fucker was MIA In norther NY! GOOD SHIT HOMIE!!!!!!!!!


    @fredz, one more post like this and ur banned

  14. one of the best beats on shadowville. awesome job man.


  15. this is Smoke certified. haha definitely a grimey beat, didnt expect anything like this when i hit play, that shit is mad unique, i can definitely hear this on the big screen.


  16. This is sick as fuck. nI could totally see Tech nine rippin’ this beat up.


  17. crazy lovin this one


  18. Smoke, you’re the best man.

  19. God damn. This beat is amazing! I’m a big fan of your beats, Smoke. I only wish that u would put out more! 5/5

  20. i love it! 5/5

    @sefedin, tell me what u think!!

  21. I been looking for some good smoke. I tried it and I liked it. Word.

  22. been a while since ive heard stuff from u smoke…. but this beat is just amazing 5/5

  23. simply epic.

  24. Amazing, 5/5

    Homeys dis is wat I was born 2 do

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