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Drop It Down Low (With Hook)

Oct 15 2011 | BPM: 74.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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8 Feedback

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Club banger with synths brass whistles over 808 drums. Hook by Vocal AllStars

Genres: Club, Pop

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8 Feedback to “Drop It Down Low (With Hook)”

  1. the lyrics are im getting money like i never did before ima throw it in in the air to see you drop it down low ima tootie fruity diamond stupid botty dam you a cuite so come on shake that booty

  2. who knows the lyrics?

  3. that’s Good please i need the lyriks

  4. is it QUIS on the hook or young Quis? which one or is it marka? let us know

  5. who was dat hook singer?????

    @emcee farhat,
    “Hook by Vocal AllStars” thats what the description says

  6. We need more ganster beats like this, this beat go hard as ultimate

    yea, definitly

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