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A Good Life

Oct 22 2011 | BPM: 145.00 | Producer: Evelution
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13 Feedback

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Smooth moving drums and percussions with funky synth lead and warm bass. Strings and pianos by Jazzmax.

Genres: R&B, Urban

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13 Feedback to “A Good Life”

  1. loving this kind of a r/b singer and i write my own muzic tryen to hookup and makeit happen.anyways good good work rite here….

  2. yo that one nigga was hatin on u…u got some fire beatz…keep up the good shit homie

  3. i like this good job man
    hey guys check it out plz

  4. Wow, i love this! 5/5

  5. Amazing beat, man ;) 5/5

  6. Not a big fan of your beats, except for the Breathe one. Your crashes/cymbals are WAY too loud on your sampled tracks. Please equalize.

    lets hear ur beats bro… i beat her shit rips all over urs just her crash alone would be better than ur whole beat bro…

    @ogenhagen, Wow, is all I can say. You sir, are an idiot.

  7. smoooooooooooth

  8. Reptitive as hell on the piano but catchy as hell too. I found myself rappin to this and then I fell asleep with my headphones on. I don’t think it was your song that put me to sleep. I think it was the vicodan and Yeagermeister. LOL

    @raparooot, “Hey guys! I can mix pills and alcohol!! Am I cool yet?”


    @raparooot, Same goes for Vicodin, good God kid. GOOGLE GOOGLE GOOGLE…. Or just keep lying.

    @raparooot, At least learn to spelll J├Ągermeister and not look so ignorant, especially when you’re ON THE COMPUTER. Google it next time.

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