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Oct 22 2011 | BPM: 70.00 | Producer: Evelution
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16 Feedback

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Emotional piano and deep orchestral instruments over slow hip hop drums.

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16 Feedback to “Breathe”

  1. Really emotional and addicting. Keep up the good work!

  2. i didn’t know that u can dis kind of beats like this . keep it east coast underground
    u hit it gurl u have to keep it like that make it deeper

  3. I did this a while ago :)

  4. cold this one is suer hot cusin

  5. Awesoome! I don’t know why some say your beats are similar to Allrounda, they must have eaten something bad for breakfast. :P Every shadowville producer has his/her own flavor, and you just added another one. Good job and good luck with your career.

  6. This shit is TIGHT.

  7. Wow. This intense. Fuckin loved it. Can’t stop listenin. Usually I buy 2deep beats but I’m fuckin buyin this. I felt the lyrics as soon as Ipresed play. Great melody and emotional vibe. The realest shit I’ve hear here. Keep it up. :)

  8. like i said prety soon ur gonna be up there with allrounda and look ur on shadowville 10/10!!

  9. hey guys plz check this out

  10. fucking amazing! nice to have you on shadow ville
    greetz from the netherlands!


  11. I can write a track to this called look at my life

  12. ……….. Speechless ..

  13. I love this!! 10/10

  14. hmmm, your songs they sound like something i can keep coming back to keep up the good work

  15. müthiş beat güzel yani :D

  16. good lookin

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