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Music Was My Friend (With Hook)

Oct 24 2011 | BPM: 90.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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40 Feedback

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Catchy synths and pads, blended with mellow piano and driving bass over bouncy live drums. Hook by Ashleigh Munn. Produced by Mart85.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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40 Feedback to “Music Was My Friend (With Hook)”

  1. Had to do at least a verse to this dope ass beat with that beautiful hook:

  2. Hey, um could you check out the lyrics I wrote to this song… I’ve had them for a while now but with no way to record them. It’d really be great if you could check it out and possibly compare me to other versions of this song lyrically ? If you really wan to try to imagine what it sounds like, the lyrics flow exactly with the beat. Thanks !

    @iwolfman37, Thats really good. .

  3. Hi my friend i wanted to see if you would consider taking the hook that you have on Music Was My Friend and laying on a new instrumental beat of yours? I feel that the hook is very good but the instrumental that you have made is very hard to deliver a good style rap. I feel if you can reuse this hook because i would want to record to the track using that hook on another beat of yours.

    @rapperjimmyjames, Hey. What other beat did you have in mind for this hook? We like the combination of this beat and hook, so I can’t promise anything, but you never know

  4. The latest music video to hit the web. Check it out.


  6. can i used this beat to sing for my brothers

  7. Damn you did it this time!

  8. Can I download this beat and record her with my text without any consequences.?

    @ksrg, You can download this beat and make a song with the beat, as long as it’s for non-profit use. If you’re making any money from your song, and/or you want to have the beat without the vocal tags, you would have to buy a blanket licence.

  9. I did the whole song the day you dropped this. I’ll have to send it to you

  10. this is sick

  11. Dope!


    heres a couple verses i added. props forever on these beats

    yeahh >. wazzup..

  13. thx alot s’all i got to say

  14. Please do beats without “atomic beats’ hook - or make it once please

    @eddchekhov, We add tags to our beats to “protect” them. If you want to have the beat without the tags, you’d have to pay for a blanket lease. We understand it might be annoying for some people to hear tags every 30 seconds, but we can’t afford to let everybody download our beats, untagged, for free. And if we only put the tags once in the intro, people will remove it, and just use the beat.

  15. Srsly, no words. xD

  16. can you use this beat for a music video long as its non-profit ?

    @krigsbeats, Yes

  17. please put this hook to a different beat. man i love your beats and this is one of the coldest hooks, but the beat just aint right bruh

    @sselevol, thanks, but we like the beat and hook the way they are… Judging from the comments, some people seem to love it too. Some people seem to love the beat, but are not feeling the hook. For you it’s the opposite. It’s all good, we can’t please everybody ;)
    Just out of curiosity, what kind of beat would you hear for that hook?

    @Atomic Beats, now dont get me wrong man, no hatin here. i write to yo beats often. but since u asked, i hear that hook on a more southern, guitarish, melody bassline, storyline type of beat. the hook makes me think of a love story… it actually explains my marriage!

    @sselevol, ok that’s cool, that would probably work too. We just have a different vision of the hook :)

  18. Please put this beat without the hook if u can!!!

    @basketsoca, sure, it will be uploaded very soon!

  19. Very nice beat. I didn’t like the monotone sound of the girl singing the hook but everything else is on point.

  20. amazing beat!!!!
    just dont like the hook

  21. AMAAZING!!!

  22. ATOMIC BEATS DID IT AGAIN! Great stuff ;) 5/5

    @mrrightofficial, Thank You

  23. Nice work Atomic.

  24. yes, this is it

  25. This shit is really nice! That hook meshes well and overall the beat is clean and crisp. I must say tho Is that synth sound the bass? I would use a different preset or effect maybe I dunno it seams like clean bass would go better with this. Thats just me tho man, nice work!

    @ridikarus, thanks! and yeah, there’s a “normal” bass that plays long notes and there’s a synth bass over it, that plays those fast short notes… we don’t usually use synth bass like that, but it was an experimentation ;)

  26. que dice el coro wiit hooke

    @miyassi, thanks to Google, I assume you asked for the lyrics of the hook, right? lol, here they are:

    I remember way back then,
    when music was my friend,
    always helping me,
    sticking about till the end.
    Whenever life got hard,
    that’s when the music would start.
    Oh I knew from then,
    that it was stuck on my heart

  27. i def fuck with this joint….. Real.

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