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We Are Hip Hop

Oct 31 2011 | BPM: 98.00 | Producer: Allrounda
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15 Feedback

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Brass hits and funky synth leads over smooth strings and straight hip hop drums.

Genres: West Coast

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15 Feedback to “We Are Hip Hop”

  1. Prednisone

  2. TOP SHELF!want that beat..why is it not available? me on how we can come to a price please.WILD WEST.1.

  3. yo check this for me
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    @corruptc, stop posting these lame videos… record smtng in studio, no behind house on garden…

    @mateoking, yes u should ! Your clips show your talent. Quality of them is the problem !

  4. for a beat titled “We Are Hip Hop” i expected this beat to blow me away. i wasn’t blown away, okay beat nonetheless. 3/5

    @shaheem, Hip Hop is not angry… violent or ugly alter egos… Hip Hop is Creative Expression!

    @shaheem, I agree. Hip hop isnt pretty, or happy. its violent poetry about ugly alter egos. Thats why I bump my shit lmao

  5. hey guys check this out and tell me what u think

    @bluud diamond,

    Casual…nothing nice…

    @mateoking, oh yea, what u mean?

    @bluud diamond,

    i mean, nothing special

  6. but will be better without funky synth, this is not POP ;/

  7. THIS IS IT ! :D 5/5 !

  8. Bangin’ :)

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