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Back To The 80s

Nov 02 2011 | BPM: 128.00 | Producer: Evelution
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10 Feedback

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Relaxed beat with a catchy old school arpeggiator, smooth lead synths, and atmospheric pads over constantly moving drums.

Genres: Pop, Urban

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10 Feedback to “Back To The 80s”

  1. dis shit fire i need dis beat

  2. i like this beat its good and relaxed like they say if one dont like it theres tons that do and can work with it to bring it alive music isnt bout being perfect its about expressing a talent or motive that gets the person in a better state of mind real talk.. much love for all music fans it speaks trillions of languages…

  3. I think John is just jealous of this beat because he didn’t think of it.. Lol, j/p john.. But the title indicates its sopposed to be an 80’s sounding beat.. Hence the, “tacky” instraments.. Shit sounded tacky back in the day so it works.. This beat isn’t bad, a little repeatative yes.. But i’ve heard ALOT worse.. Like rebelutionary said, what may not work for one person maybe just what someone else is lookin for.. Its called a difference of opinion..

  4. I know I’m going to be perceived as a “hater”, but I really dislike this beat. It’s simple, the instruments used are tacky (to be nice), and the overall layout is elementary. Some of the other beats you have released are worlds better than this. A beat like this really hurts your reputation as a quality producer on the Shadowville production team. If you don’t feel it’s 100% heat… don’t upload.

    @john gee, i agree, compared with the other beats Eveloution has put out, this ones pretty amateur ish

    @eminemfan152, everybody has thier hits and misses.. its called progression.. gotta keep working to improve and occasional u’ll drop mediocre shit.. it happens to everyone.. even your favorite rapper or producer..

    @john gee, might not be dope to you or I but there’s always someone out there thinking of a track and that they might find this beat perfect for, same goes for other beats not everyone would feel. Respect to the Shadowville team. Peace.


    @rebelutionary, I doubt that Justin Bieber has an account

    @acey1994, Oh, he does.. We got a collab in the works to this beat.. so shut your pie hole

    @Strife Divine, hahaha Ima have to cop that 1 fam jp

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