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Nov 04 2011 | BPM: 92.00 | Producer: Allrounda
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53 Feedback

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Sad, emotional acoustic guitars and deep, epic strings over hip hop drums.

Moods: Epic, Sad

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53 Feedback to “Homeless”

  1. good

  2. How can I get this beat?

  3. gooood

  4. u gotta make another like this.

  5. its frikkin beautiful.

  6. Der Beat ist so Gefühlvoll und sorgt für eine tolle Atmosphäre einfach nur ein Traumbeat

  7. This beat is sick and it fits my style perfect! Check out what I made with it? - Please leave some feedback? Thanks.

  8. hi I download this basis long time but now can not download .. is not it okay if I use it?

  9. i want buy this me

  10. so sweeeeeeeet

  11. This my video for the shadowville competition vote 4 me please FRG

  12. Hi. Here is RAP from Poland. Check this out, its song about love. Comment please :)

    @m4ndryl, Ja juz mam nawet do tego text stary wyjebany ale bit ktos zapierdolil nie da sie sciagnac NIEEEE


    @m4ndryl, This Youtube account is closed.

    @imqone, Im sorry, Here is another link

    @m4ndryl, Bez urazy ziomuś, ale to nawet koło rapu nie leży…


    niestety ale popieram cie mateo, ja pod to bede nagrywal na dniach to podesle wam linka ;) 5

  13. crack thats all i can say lawerence mass

  14. I fell in love…


    My improvements for your version…. Click yellow button and listen :P

    @carazz, Ahah, it does sound a lot better with the improvements.

  15. Que buena basee! Saludos desde Punto Fijo!

  16. 8/10..

  17. @ jo5er Very true, i have been homeless myself n i really feel this one.

  18. Not ONE of these comments even BEGIN do give this beat it’s true recognition. This is amazingly epic. The second I heard it drop, roughly 4 seconds after i stopped, downloaded it and started writing a song named homeless. All about being in the studio. I just pray one day you make it as big as you want to.

    @jo5er, Owwwwwwww, what a asslicker ;p we dnt need thousand words to say: THIS BEAT IS FUCKIN AWESOME:

    @mateoking, You WISH you could lick some ass. Stick to your mom.

    @jo5er, stick to your mom ? hah you have 10 years old or what :D ?

    @mateoking, Lol you serious? I make a comment NOT hating on people, then you make one against me? Cmon bro you fuckin fail hard.

    @jo5er, coz’ you think like that “yea, i make longer comment and i will be better than others” and this “i just pray”, pff i dnt think so ;p this is just a beat xD

  19. Siiiiiick! Gj Allrounda.

  20. yo yo yo this beat is sick as fuck.. it reminds me of this old beat that u made im going to post it right now… everybody check this allrounda beat out its fucking unreal

    and you do not have to download it just wait a few seconds and it will play

    sorry try this one the other one didnt seem to work for people

    @ogenhagen, I cannot view the page?

  21. can we record over the beats and put them on youtube ?

    @upncomingmc123, NO, you can’t ;p

    @mateoking, Yes, you CAN. As long as you dont sell them. You are nothing but a fuckin troll. About my comment being long, who gives a shit? I wrote a comment I felt was appropriate. Your opinion is not worth the shit in the sewers.

    @jo5er, i don’t care jofiver ;P you dnt know what mean “troll” man ;) free words, free world, isn’t it ;p

    @mateoking, You never heard of a Troll? Get your head out of your ass and you may learn. It is a free world, free words, what saddens me is that people like yourself with no intelligence have the right. A good free world would ban you from opening your mouth, as soon as you do shit comes out.

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  22. Fucking awesome Beat dude -5/5

    @dok holmes always, Dok you put a little line thing before the 5 :(

    @themessage, ment 2 be a dash not a negative

  23. Like always, good job All ;) 5/5 xD

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    @mateoking, You apologise first for starting shit with me for no reason, then sure.

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