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Game On Lock (With Hook)

Nov 11 2011 | BPM: 70.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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20 Feedback

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Beat with acoustic, electric, and bass guitars with a bit of synths and brass over acoustic drums. Hook By Fudge.

Genres: Pop, Urban

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20 Feedback to “Game On Lock (With Hook)”


  2. YO CHECKOUT MY VERSION… GAME ON LOCK… 100%……-lobo-king-ft-black-shawn-dizzy-and-tahaka-tahaka

    @suvenir, yo i like yo version….. game on lock… im writting to it,,, so i would like to do a video to it with u, if u down for a video lets rock, im a gud rapper with no deal but im from batonrouge, send me a message asap if u wanna move foward with this version, this is hot so lets get this money

    @youngcruel, sorry 4 da late reply bro…. i’m down with whatever.. so what u got in mind???

    @youngcruel, i go by the artist name of lilcruel

    @youngcruel, i want u to get to know me ima factor in batonrouge, if u know who i r den youll work with me on dis game on lock song, so wats up, i can b used so r u willing to work a deal

  3. YO!!! CHECK MY VERSION.. BAD BOY KILLER… GAME ON LOCK……-lobo-king-ft-black-shawn-dizzy-and-tahaka-tahaka


  5. Dope !! can i get this without hook?

  6. this beat fuckin screams at me im just starting out even trying to rap and this beat is the shit


    Already dropped some fuego on the track! Excellent work as usual

  8. got this without the hook?

    @berlewood, Hey, yeah. Uploading right now

  9. pretty dope… the hook espicially

  10. Thank You

  11. ddddaaaammmnnnn, im boutta use this 5/5

  12. excellent as usual

  13. Hook Liiryc please
    great Job!!!

    @dranzerdarkside, Thank You!

    “I’m a keep on working
    I know I ain’t perfect
    You can keep hating on me
    If I say it then I’ve done it
    I’m a get this money
    Can’t nobody take it from me
    I got this game on lock
    Got this game on lock
    I got this game on lock
    Got this game on lock
    I got this game on lock”

    @Atomic Beats, ya beats is hot!!!!!!!!!!

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