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Glasses In The Air

Dec 05 2011 | BPM: 90.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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15 Feedback

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Club banger with synths, epic live strings, and banging drums over 808 drums.

Genres: Club, Pop, Urban

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15 Feedback to “Glasses In The Air”

  1. This beat is best beat!

  2. this is an bomb beat bro im working a song on it its nice

  3. this beat is NICE! ill be working on it

  4. god damn EVERY beat you make is an instant hit. Check out what i did with I Been On let me know what you think. keep it up bro

    @djryry, If you like our production so much why are you giving production credit to people that had nothing to do with it? (or us)

    @Atomic Beats, hey i’m real sorry i’m fixing that right now, i meant to say edited by. I’m sorry your an amazing producer i’ll make sure people know everything’s made by you

    @djryry, Yeah you didn’t made that mistake with for exmp BeatsPlanet beat

    So yeah, we are/was kinda mad…

    Not just that, it would be fine (well not fine) if it was 1 video…
    But you have 2 videos with this beat and on both of em is prod by EQ… Cmon now…

    @Atomic Beats, yea i’m sorry i didn’t mean to do anything like that cause your beats are all great. What other video says produced by EQ? and is it ok if i say produced by atomic beats and edited by EQ?

    @djryry, aight sorry again i’ll make sure i show respect to you on upcoming songs


    Never mind… It is what it is now


  6. Hell yea holmie you make some sick ass beats with those strings man.. its incredible ^_^

  7. those strings are killin it !

  8. Nice one maaan

    @rukopis, Thx

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