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Time's Up (With Hook)

Dec 09 2011 | BPM: 56.00 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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15 Feedback

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Soft emotional track with moving synths, atmospheric pads, light pianos, and heavy sub bass over smooth drums. Hook by Joint Inc.

Genres: R&B, Urban

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15 Feedback to “Time's Up (With Hook)”

  1. hi what`s the tekst to the hook?

  2. i like what ive heard from you so far…sounds great but you should od one with a hook sung by a male but for female verses…i would love to do a song with a male hook…something about like what a guy would say to a gurl if he was always lying to her…like the things he would say to her if he were lying to her..if that makes any sence…like” gurl you know i love you , id never break your heart, that gurl means nothing to me, dont let us fall apart” or like i mean just be creative ….whatever you write i can work with. what i wrote was kinda cheesy lol…newho get at me if you decide to do that…im intrested

    @boogie1, watch thiss

  3. is this your beat? if not can you tell me the name of the song? thanks

  4. Even though it sounds like something outta Take Care, this sounds really good.

  5. i want to know the exact lyrics for this hook ? where do i go ?

    @hazy123, watch thiss

  6. wow man !! amazing, will you upload the without hook version??

    @dranzerdarkside, its already on shadowville, just search “Times Up” and the instrumental should come up

  7. dude i hate this guy because of the “nine diamond intro” he always puts in his beats, you always make the illest beats though, smh keep doin what your doin bro, this instrumental is crazy

  8. Hell yea Nine Diamond this is what i’ve been waiting for bro im realy feeling this beat and hook my nigga.. im realy looking forward to hear alot more from you my nigga this is one of the best beats with hook i’ve heard from you bro and also all your beats are ILL …Nine Diamond you’re the shit bro 5/5

  9. That’s really magical, always so perfect !

    @thefreshiest, watch thiss

  10. One of the best beat and hook I’ve heard from you ;) and I’ve heard ‘em all ;) 5/5

    @mrrightofficial, appreciate that!

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